Thursday, December 14, 2017

Oh Baby it's Cold Outside

As you imagine anyone living down in Mexico is enjoying the warm sandy beaches, think again.

I have mentioned it before that our house has 3 fireplaces and that is the source of heat we use. We do have a propane wall furnace that is in our bathroom, but for the most part it's the fireplaces that we rely on.

I wish we were on the warm sandy beaches right now.

It is cold at night and as soon as the sun sets, get out the sweater and stoke the fire.
Last week it had dropped down into the mid 30's at night, and that's on the chilly side.

This week we have been hovering in the 40's at night and 60's during the day. Since we live a little ways out of town, up the mountain, we general will get about 5 or 6 degrees colder than town which is down in a bowl, surrounding a lake.

I think it 's time to start thinking about a jaunt to the low sea level beaches of Zihuatanejo where currently its in the mid to high 80's.

Or finish building the greenhouse we have been planning and put a lawn chair in there along with some ice tea.

We'll see.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

We are waiting for the shakedown period to end.

There is a new joint in town. This one is down the road from our house, so if it's decent it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
Actually anything new is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
It is located on the east side of the hiway, down about 1 km from Los Tanques.

The sign says they have a variety of food from seafood to meats, in addition to hamburgers and comida tradicional which can include pretty much anything.

It opened up a few days ago and we'll see how well it survives. The location should be great for them, since thousands of cars pass that location each day.  It is located about 1.0km down the hill from Los Tanques.

We haven't had the opportunity to slow the car down and visit the place.  So far we have seen about a half dozen cars parked. They also have an extensive kiddy entertainment area, so the little precious children should be plenty occupied with plastic animals which they can ride on and scream their little lungs out.

Today is our day for seafood, at our local place, so perhaps we will visit Don Beto's in the next few days and become the guinea pig for the experiment.  I would usually wait about a month or two to allow them to get all the bugs out of the operation, before arriving to overly criticize the operation.

I would imagine they will have the same boring selection that ever other place has, including hot dogs strategically placed on either your spaghetti or cheeseburger.

More later.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Speaking of Chicken

One thing you usually do not see much in Mexico is fried chicken.  Of course there are KFC outlets in larger towns, Morelia has seven, Guadalajara and probably any other medium sized town probably have a few.

But Patzcuaro didn't have a fried chicken joint until about two years ago. What you do see is rotisserie chickens and chicken cooked over coals with the chickens jammed on long sticks.

We have been driving past it for years and today decided to stop in and check it out.

First of all, you have to wait while they cook it, so the waitress told us from the get go that it would take at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Not a problem , we'll just wait and have a beer or diet coke.

That's a problem.

They don't sell beer, which gave us an false impression because one of the other tables had a few beer bottles sitting on the table.

No diet coke,  Ok, how about mineral water.....Nope.

But we can walk up the block to the deposito which is what my wife did and brought back a six pack for us to enjoy with the Fried Chicken.
After about 15 minutes we were presented with a plate with 3 pieces of properly done chicken.
One wing, and two small pieces of the breast.  A three pieces plate is going to run you 55 pesos.
Included in that was a decent portion of cole slaw, which was tasty, not overly sweet and served room temperature.
I requested additional fries, which was an extra charge of 15 pesos. My wife's plate was brought with one handful of fries which I think was a little skimpy.

The best part of the chicken was the crisp crust and thankfully not under-cooked inside.

The location of the place is on Libramineto Ignacio Zaragosa, between Ibarra and Calvario.
About 3 doors down the Corona deposito and next door to the Abastecedora Garcia Mendoza.
You will see signs saying Pollo Frito on the front, the name says Pollo Sabroso and it is just that.

The price for our meals including tip was 135 pesos.
They also have the two piece plate for 45 pesos if you don't feel hungry.

In addition they also have hamburgers which looked pedestrian, nothing I would consider ordering because most places here squeeze the last ounce of moisture out of the patty while cooking.  I cringe each time I see the cook take his spatula and press the patty down over and over on the griddle or grill. But that's another story.

I would return and ask for dark meat next time and see what the response is.  Also I think I would call and preorder our meal, which would cut down the waiting time. While we had our meal, there were at least a dozen people that had picked up to go bags with two or three styrofoam containers. So they do a robust take out business.
 I would guess that is more popular than eating at the place.