Sunday, February 19, 2017

Getting to be a big town

As I was sitting waiting for my wife to exit one of the shops, I noticed it was commute time.

Commute time is when people go home for lunch around 2 in the afternoon for 2 hours or so.

I have noticed a trend that fewer stores close up like they use to when we first arrived in Patzcuaro almost 20 years ago.  Not sure if I like that slow change in tradition.  I enjoy the process of taking time out in the day for a leisurely meal, in fact I like having the main meal at 2 instead of dinner at 6 like traditional NOB habits.
There is a learning curve that one has to get use to, unlike merchants NOB which are open all the time, so even 24 hours a day.

You were out of luck if you needed to run down to the hardware store, which we did almost daily during the construction of the house, to pick up something which we ran out of or forgot to buy on our last trip "down the hill".
You would arrive at the store as they were putting up the shutters, or already shuttered for their siesta.

When questioned about where we were in Mexico, the normal expectation was that we were on the beach somewhere.  "Oh, are you by Cabo? " or " Oh I know where you are, how far away from Cancun?"

The easiest thing was just to say we are halfway between Mexico City and Guadalajara , in the mountains next to a couple of large lakes.

Have you ever heard of Patzcuaro?  And no was the overwhelming response.  My response  was that it was a small town surrounded by a few lakes, surrounded by lots of pine tree forests.

Oh, but how far from the beach? would be the next question.

So it is a small town, but big in comparison to most of the small towns in the country. We are not a one horse town, but as you can see by the picture we are at least a two horse town.

Instead of having HOV lanes, we have something better. We have green lanes, which actually are all the streets in town.  Horses have their run of the streets if they wish, not requiring expensive petroleum products, depletion of resources etc.

The benefits of horse propulsion is that it is very Eco friendly.   The only pollution is that of the rider emitting methane gas ( usually after lunch ) and from the horse some green/brown product which is recycled as fertilizer. A definite win-win situation if you ask me.

Can't get any more environmentally friendly that that can you?

So, Patzcuaro is no longer a one horse town, but still has the charm of a small town which I hope stays that way for awhile.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

And for a little political humor

I try not to get too political simply because it is guaranteed that any statement will obviously offend someone.

At my age I want to handle people with kid gloves because they no longer seem to be able to carry on conversations without either being offended or lapse into uncontrolled vociferation at even the slightest possibility that anyone may disagree with their opinion which is of course paramount.

Any way, I just could not have another day pass without putting this on the blog for my 6 and a half readers to read and see if they can come up with some rational explanation or comment.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Donald Trump is not the only head of state trying to protect against the possibility that refugees may also be terrorists. He’s just the most open about it.

In an outburst of brazen hypocrisy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel blasted President Trump’s temporary travel ban, saying it is “not justified to put people from a specific background or faith under general suspicion” to combat terrorism. Meanwhile, Merkel is doing back flips to rid her country of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers from mostly Muslim countries who have flocked in through her open doors.
Liz Peek,The Fiscal Times

Ann she also notes
Her Vice Chancellor doubled down, saying, “Salafist mosques must be banned, the communities dissolved and the preachers should be expelled, as soon as possible." Yet Merkel criticizes Trump.

While Germany wants to send refugees home, Australia and Kenya want to send them to the U.S.

So I do have a solution to Trump's problem.  He should just band every body  from coming into the US, so no one can then blame that he is singling out particular countries or religions. 

End of problem.
See how simple my mind works.

And I didn't get into an argument with anybody.
And that is my political contribution for awhile.

No more public service announcements for awhile. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Road Trip

It's going to be a few more weeks before my other half returns from the Honduras from visiting family which she does a couple of times a year.  It's been cold, I am bored, so what better things to do but a .........................Road Trip!

I have always loved road trips. We try to do a few a year, but the last year or so it has been impossible so I have had a lot of pent up desire.

The dogs also love to go for trips. They actually  love to go anywhere in the car. Each time I go anywhere out of the house, they are jumping up and down at the door wanting to be included.
So, what better place than to go but to the beach.  Nothing better than sitting around, watching the waves, people running around on the beach having fun, all that stuff.

Going on a road trip by myself also has some advantages, one of which is I don't have to worry about making or worrying about whether or not my wife is enjoying herself, visiting or looking at stuff that I enjoy.  You are on your own, to do what you want.

My road trip interests are different than what my wife enjoys, I love to see stuff like hydroelectric dams,  rivers, lakes and waterfalls.  This trip I am looking at some of the CFE power generation locations.  The possibility is that my road trip will coincide with the wife returning and I will pick her up at the airport, saving her a 3 or 4 hour trip on the bus.
Or maybe not. We'll see where I wind up, what I look at, what swimming holes, volcano lakes or some other interesting site to see.