Monday, July 02, 2018

Yes, I am still around

The national election is over, the people have spoken, we now see that obviously the voters wanted a drastic change like the voters in the US did a year and half ago.

Besides, pests and pestilence, volcanoes and floods,  life goes on, so does nature.

I have had a few people inquire why I have been silent for awhile.

Lots of things have transpired over the last few months, the death of a dear friend and business partner, ongoing health issues and just life in general was putting priorities onto my daily life and priories.
There was quite a lot of responsibility my business partners and I had to assume on the demise of our general partner in one of our business and that took an unexpected amount of time and energy.  That is now behind us and our stress levels have almost been reduced to normal.

Everyone talks about the weather so we are not going to do that, other than say we enjoy the rain when it arrives and enjoy when it departs.

Not going to discuss the wacky politics around the world, because we can't change what is, besides when you start a debate nowadays, you get called names and are immediately shouted down if you don't agree with someones opinion, so another nixed topic.

What pissed me off this morning or I should say tweaked my clock was that lately I have been doing a lot more reading because I wind up screaming if I watch the TV much anymore.

It seems that every two minutes there are three minutes of commercials, or stories that are really not newsworthy being repeater over and over and over again to the point of being nauseous.  I guess they just have to fill the time between commercials so they either do their own promotions over and over or come up with stories about alligators crossing the road which is real news worthy in their eyes I guess.

Enough about TV.

I have lots of topics saved up, just need to be sure to have some allotted time to weight their interest.

That's all for today.

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