Sunday, August 03, 2008

All aboard we'z going to Mexico! Were were we going to retire to? Better yet, where were we going to retire to that we could afford to still live and eat at the same time?
So what did we do. We built ourselves a house. It is modest with only two bedrooms, this way we can't have to many visitors from above drinking our tequila.
I though once that I would like to live in a forest and this was as close since we are in the middle of pine trees.
So many pines,but we have to burn Oak. We tried to burn the pine but it kept clogging up the chimney. We heat the house with fireplaces, seems more environmentally friendly than burning something delivered in a truck and tank.
We get lots of visitors in October, the end of October. Thats when the Dia de los Muertos is celebrated here.
The town turns into a mass of noise,cars and lots of little things the merchants sell on the big plaza underneath the tent-like awnings.
They sell little pots, big pots, wood carvings , almost anything that you really don't need.
What will I absolutely need this year?
A bigger house to put more stuff in........I don't think so.

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