Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lifetime warantee only with a reciept!

The salesman at the new Sears patrolled his department and was happy to see me perched over the tool kits. Now the new store is probably the best equipped department store in town, even better than the old national Fabricas De Francia or the Liverpool Group.
So now we will see if they improve to throw the gauntlet to Sears? Somehow I don't think the average citizen here gives a damn especially since you see the proliferation of hole in the wall shops selling stuff. You can buy almost anything here.
The only problem is finding the location of where to go.
Sears expanded the store and wow, it's really nice! Nicer than the Sears in the US. Now Mexicans can stuff there homes with tacky modern furniture and microwave ovens galore.
As I signed the credit card slip for my new tool set, he told me about the lifetime warantee. Yes I knew about it, but in the US you don't need to place your receipt into a Lexan block in order to preserve it for lifetime so that your family members can honor the warantee of the fallen piece of tool. I wonder how many people would actually have their receipt for the tools 3, 8 or 15 years from now?
I guess they don't plan on honoring too many warantees......


Bob Mrotek said...

The best thing about a Sears Craftsman wrench was that you could use it with a three foot "cheater pipe" extension and if it broke you could take it back to Sears and get a new one, no questions asked. (Sigh) I guess those "happy days" are long gone like everything else :)

ken kushnir said...

Yes Bob they were Happy Days no matter what anyone says. I would trade almost everthing you use Sherman and his wayback machine to go back......
I wonder of the Craftsman tools are made in China now?