Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Art is here!

Art is what you make it, how you see it and your general attitude towards life and living. Ever notice that negative people don't seem to appreciate anything that's around them?
If you open your eyes and get rid of the crap that is all around us you can then only see what is really important.
I could go on and on but then you already know, since you are taking your precious time to read this blog.
The photo I took from an artist, a local artist who displayed his work at the plaza on the Day of the Dead about 4 years ago. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the work and was eagerly looking for him the next year.
No artist
Where did he go?
Did he not see that others appreciated his toils?
As most artists did he have to stop practicing and do other things to feed his family?
Sad, I was anxious to see and support him.
There is a lot of talent here in Michoacan. The best handman guitars are created here.
gorgeous pottery
superb copper work
meticulously made baskets are wooven

and so few people really get to see it all!


Michael Dickson said...

The Muertos mercado this year closed a few days earlier than usual due to the lack of customers. Unfortunate situation, especially for the vendors.

Since the grenade attack in Morelia in September, our world has been overrun with rumors and gossip that it would happen here in P√°tzcuaro. None of it has turned out to be true, but it sure contributed to keeping tourists away.

Mexicans are experts at rumor and gossip. They are shooting themselves in the feet.

ken kushnir said...

So sad Michael, that even our little Patzcuaro is impacted now with stuff!

With all the goings on,the police etc, etc, now it is impacting the local people that use that business to survive the rest of the year.
I wonder if the people that cause the issues will ever get any feedback for that.....probably not!
Little by little things are changing.
And the gossip continues.........

ac said...

I know my perspective is different that you residents but gossip and foot shooting aside, on our annual visits, we have found local artists whose work we liked regardless of the time of year, so we bought it. Masks from Senor Anciola of Tocuaro [2nd place in the all Michoacan contest for mask makers] paintings by various artists, ceramics at Plaza San Francisco [without lead? quien sabe] One year we bought a small, hand hammered copper sink. It must have looked odd under the airline security x-ray and metal detector. When we arrived home we discovered a friendly note from US Homeland Security. Plus, there's the beauty of the town one can't buy but can take home. The things that live in one's memory. A red rooster tied with a piece of string to a bright red wall. A band of horsemen riding into town, banners streaming. Great stuff. Art truly is a function of attitude. Or maybe its the altitude.