Friday, November 21, 2008

So much for it being a crime......

As the clock hands get closer towards midnight,
the sky outside is pitch dark except for the stars poking little bits of light in an otherwise blanket of black,
my head just about hits the pillow and in the distance I hear...........wheeeeeerrrrrr, wheeeeeeeeerrrrrr, whheeeeeeeerrrr....
Then all of a sudden a crack like a mini lightning strike and a muffled thud as the newly cut tree hits the ground.

They must be getting more desperate to cut the trees in the forest on dark nights or maybe it was too convenient to cut on full moon days?

Last month it was the full moon night that we heard the distant secret groan of a lone chain saw, what use to be a once a month happening is now starting 2 weeks early.

We called and talked to the authorities who confirmed that it was against the law to cut down the trees in the forest.

So now we know it is against the law.

I'm sure the people cutting the trees knew that also!

The adjacent properties around ours are loosing their tall trees one by one, making our land stand out as a hold out.

I hope we can keep the chain saw people at bay.

We can call the authorities to help since there is some arraignment we feel, no one seems to care or do anything about it.

So many natural resource are being pillaged and no one cares.

I feel powerless to do anything about it, I'm on the wrong side of the prevailing influence brokers.

Maybe I can find a used Sherman Tank somewhere to protect my trees.......

I'm sure that the get all of 400 pesos for a 80 ft tall forest soldier.

Fewer and fewer old timers survive.
Me included.....

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Michael Dickson said...

Lumber piracy is a thriving business in these parts.