Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is happening down here?

When we first arrived here we didn't have much choice in food shopping
There were some large stores in Morelia (before Walmart, Costco) a couple of large sort of stores for Patzcuaro which at least that had basic stuff.
You had to go to the mercado down town if you wanted to find anything and everything that was necessary.
Turkey was not necessary then.

Now, since Walmart I have noticed that the freezer section has more and more pavo there every year. The freezer section abundantly doubles, triples in size the middle of November.

Have the commercial interests foisted an Amercan Holiday into a commercial profit center?

Even Soriana in Patzcuaro has frozen turkeys in the freezer section now.

They have obliterated any religious semblance of the Dia de los Muertos into a commercial blight of orange colored Chinese imported peso grabbing junk.
And now what was once a family oriented time to stop, be with family and celebrate the fortunes of life have, reflect, offer thanks and appreciation for your daily bounty, also gone the way of being commercialized for the single peso or penny.

Christmas trees were seen at Home Depot in Mid October.

New LED lights were abundant at Sears before November.

What's the hurry?

Is the world coming to an end before December 1st?

And people wonder why no one has time to do anything.

I'll bet you that if stores where closed on Sundays, Holidays and shuttered up at 7 PM, we would have the time to do more stuff!
If the television set was unplugged we would have lots of time to read, talk and think of ways to solve the worlds problems.

When I was a kid, everything was closed on Sundays.

Most things where shut down on Saturdays, except large retail operations.
Stores were not open late during the week.

You had to come home for dinner every night, sit at the dinner table and talk with your family.
What a concept.

That concept was still alive down here, but is changing with the youth. Sundays are for families to get together and live as one.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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