Friday, January 16, 2009

Global Warming?

We are here in the North Bay for a few more weeks before returning down to Patzcuaro. It is interesting to see the weather reports from all over the place. The morning yesterday dropped down to 25 degrees. But yet the daytime temperature the afternoon before was 80.

Yes it's winter, Northern California is realizing that 6 inches of rain so far is not going to help the half filled reservoirs for thirsty lawns and dirty cars.
Interesting to see the difference in car washing techniques. In Mexico it is pretty standard to fill up an old 5 gallon bucket and go to it.
Up here you see the water hose either running down to the sidewalk or if the person is really "green" they have a shut off and only use maybe 30 or 40 gallons per wash.
Maybe it has been years of living a modest life that allows Mexicans to live through out good and bad times.
It will be interesting to see what happens up here when the water drys up, will Starbucks still sell as many lattes?
Will new lawns be planted?
Will cars still get washed with running hoses?
I hope not.
But hopefully the rains will come, but that doesn't change the issues.
One of the things I enjoy about residing in Patzcuaro is how little "stuff" we buy on impulse. Shopping is done for the basics, unless you happen to visit WalMart, but even then you have to look at it and really think about if you really need it or not?
Want not, waste not! Is probably one of the best sayings that really make sense.

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