Friday, January 23, 2009

Now I can have dark roast Patzcuaro style.

Well I found a solution to my coffee dilemma in Mexico. I purchased a table top coffee roaster, so now I can turn up the heat and get the green beans to a nice dark roast.
The table top roaster is used and only cost $ 40 bucks.
One more thing that I have now!
Now I need to find a source in Mexico for green beans.
I remember growing up in the city, walking into the grocery story, Shop Rite on Haight street, a store that had a butcher shop where they cut the meat for you, and gave you butcher paper so that I could use for school projects.

Now all you can get from a butcher is a Styrofoam platter, doesn't work as well as butcher paper for school projects nowadays.
The floors were traffic worn wooden floors, the milk containers were in bottles and some were in wax containers with a flat top and a round flap that fit in a round hole, they were in the refrigerator that had thick wooden doors with small glass windows.
One of the isles I remember had maple syrup that was in a metal can designed to look like a log cabin, it was right across the isle from the coffee. They had bins of roasted whole coffee beans and next to it they had a large bin of green coffee beans.
I guess people in the 50's roasted their own beans?
And used maple syrup in cans that looked like log cabins.
Now I need to find a source of green beans.
I think we will have to take a drive down to Uruapan. I was told that they grow coffee down there.
Now I have a mission!


Michael Dickson said...

Ken, people in the 1950s used percolators. I don´t think most folks were as persnickety about coffee back then as some are now. I won´t name names.

And Log Cabin syrup (a brand) was not maple syrup. It was maple-flavor syrup. Lots of syrups, the cheaper stuff, still claim to be maple "flavor."

You can get real maple syrup at CostCo. We always have it on hand for waffles. The best waffles in the world can be had with Aunt Jemima pancake mix, available hereabouts in many places.

Bob Mrotek said...


Have you seen John Calypso's blog posts on coffee beans?

I'll bet that he can help you find an excellent source of green coffee beans.

ken kushnir said...

What's a 5 year old know about coffee? All I remember Michael, was the thing overflowing all over the kitchen table.....
Thanks for the input on the mix, I'll buy a box, for my Sunday fare, along with my mimosas.

Thanks Bob, I will check it out, and maybe roast up a batch when we return in a couple of weeks.......

Michael Dickson said...

You need a waffle iron, of course, to make waffles. But Aunt Jemima pancakes are the best too. Love ém.

Log Cabin syrup is still common. It just does not come in those cute metal cans anymore. They´re probably collector´s items.