Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Pepsi Girls

Reading a fellow blogger's info this morning dusted off some memories of one of my first business visits to Mexico.

One of the reasons I grew some attachment to the country and probably a reason for tipping the scales into a divorce was the freedom of expression and general "no problem" philosophy of life .

A Mexican friend of mine and I decided to make up a Rotary meeting in Acapulco. As a member of the Rotary Club you are expected to attend a meeting every week. If you are not in your normal area, you look up locations for the local meetings.

Kind of like mandatory attendance at AA meetings. Nice thing is that when you make up a meeting away from home, you are instantly greeted and made very comfortable in a foreign location. The Rotarians provide gracious hospitality to their visiting members all around the world.

Anyway, we arrived at some hotel in Acapulco where the weekly meeting was to take place. The club was small only having about 30 or so local businessmen and "wheels of the community" as members.
As we enter the room we are greeted by a half dozen bikini clad young women, aged between 17 and 23 greeting us very warmly, and placing a glass of Pepsi into our remaining hand.

Needless to say it was the Pepsi's distributors evening to provide the "program" or in this case the entertainment. This was pretty new to me, but my friend said that, such promotional activities were pretty common in Mexico.
Ay Caramba!
Sounds like things that use to happen in the states during the Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield era of the late 50's and early g0's when it was still OK to have women entertain be models for TV's sets, etc,etc... all in the interest of sensuality and sexuality. ( and advertising)

That's all gone in the states, not so in good ol'Mexico!
Morelia's Walmart still has the ElCentenario girls, plying their tequila, offering free shots of booze and skin, I was able to get my souvenir shot glass. My wife wanted one too! Like a gentleman I volunteered to fetch another one for her.
Two or three trips ago to Tacambaro, as we turn into the main street, low and behold in front of the Michelin tire store are the "Michelin Girls" , also in nice bikinis walking up to cars with refreshments for the passengers as well as the drivers !
But you only got one shot!
After all they didn't want you to drive around under the was OK to circle the block as I noticed a Ford Lobo truck repeat it's journey.

Could you imaging the uproar if something like that was to occur in downtown Hollywood? Well, maybe not, that's a bad example lets say Cleveland.....

That's one of the things that I love about Mexico, the advertising resources.......hopefully they won't change in the next decade.


Michael Dickson said...

Show me some tits and ass, and I´ll buy anything.

ken kushnir said...

Well your comments early today clicked my keyboard into action. Thanks. I wish I had pictures of all those encounters.....maybe not. Memories are always better.

ac said...

too bad they don't visit Patzcuaro!