Saturday, January 03, 2009

Road Hazards

Did you ever wonder what those little piles of stuff are on the sides of the roads?

You know the ones, sometimes there are a cross festooned with flowers other times they are a little brick house with a dried out flowers or an old broken glass where a candle once warmed the mortar surrounding it.

Some people think that it is a church for tiny people, but no it is a symbol of booga-booga.

Actually it is a guilt display.

You see them at the side of roads where family members erect a pile of bricks or other objects where their once hated family member, now memorialized and adored and loved one met the grim reaper.

California as other southern bordering states are having a real problem with these little piles of stuff.
It seems that with the influx of hundreds of thousands of natives repatriating their so called birthright land. (I thought it was the Indians) , These self proclaimed highway crash test dummies who volunteer to test air bags, while in the process of killing innocent motorists or pedestrians now have a way to remind the non guilty parties of where the slaughter occurred.

The consensus seems to be that these piles of stuff are actually a road hazard.

But the "sensitive people" you know the ones, feel that it is an expression of "art" or "solace".

OK, but what about the rubbing it in your face memorial of, to the family of what some drunk driver mowed their almost graduating from high school family member who will never be seen again, which to them makes it a daily reminder of the senseless death......doesn't that matter?

In Mexico you see them almost every 1 kilometer.

In fact we have one in front of our property. This one is in memory of someone who was standing waiting for a bus ride to town, when a bolt of lightning slammed him down to the ground.
His death had nothing to do with drunk driving or anything except the law of nature.
An act of God. ( Que Milagro! ) Just an unfortunate pawn of life or in this case a ground rod in the path to eternity......

Anyway, where does one draw the line of a simple lone cross to mark the grim reaper vs the nuisance of a constructed monument becoming an attractive nuisance and drawing to the distraction of both drivers and pedestrians alike?

Some accidents are caused by rubberneckers slowing down to check some out, others by the members of the family who slam on the breaks to pull off to the side of the road to refresh the flowers in the mason jar or old Corona bottle.

One monumental problem is the drivers that drink and drive in Mexico.
In Mexico , drinking to oblivion is a Olympic event.
No one keeps a tally of the drivers or worse yet the passengers who succumb to "one for the road".

A good reason not to drive around unless absolutely necessary during the Holidays. Unless you happen to run out of your favorite bottle of booze and need to go to the liquor store.

Light a candle in Church, Pop open a bottle of the favorite Tequila at the graveside and leave the memorials off the road...........they are magnets to accidents waiting to happen and besides you should be in Church anyway.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. People that pile this stuff on the side of the road are littering and their families should be fined accordingly. Let that word get around and that would stop the visual pollution.

If they used Budweiser bottles instead of Corona it would add new meaning to the phrase 'this buds for you'.


ken kushnir said...

Thanks, I thought I was the only old crotchety old Bastard? Ha!
I think maybe I will place some offering boxes next to the one by the property and see if anyone deposits and coins? I doubt it.

J. L. Langworthy said...

You beat me to it. Writing about the stupid roadside memorials. Also all the other ones like the mother of all for "Princess" Diana, as if we all were her close relative. Cheeze, I hate those things!