Friday, January 09, 2009

Should have known better......

We still have an operational telecommunications business back in California, which runs quite well without me. Or at least it did for a long time, in spite of me thinking that I was indispensable.

In order to have entities still run you need dedicated and hard working employees and staff.

One of our key employees decided to seek his eternal reward about 50 years ahead of schedule. Against his will unfortunately.

Our key employee who had been with the company for the last 10 years died last Monday in the wee hours of the morning in a hospital in Chula Vista.

Our company has come to a screeching halt.

He was our web master, data expert, problem solver, customer service expert and long time friend.

He was going to return to work on the 26th of December after a week in Puerto Vallarta.

He was airlifted out of there to Chula Vista on Christmas Day.

I talked to him on the 29th. He advised me that he was starting Cemotherapy immediately for a 4 week treatment and then it would be routine checks and his condition would be assessed.
He was diagnosed with Leukemia.
Something happened, he isn't coming back.
The company was expecting him back to be in charge of his domain.
Now we have another computer expert trying to decipher years of work, files and passwords.
He did provide a rudimentary flow chart of how the network works, IP addresses to some of the systems and my IP information to and how my phones at the house in Patzcuaro work.
That at least saved us considerable time.
We had other data emergencies before and we learned each time to operate better. Now the data EMT is documenting all that he finds so that the company is not left in a similar position again.

We learned that stuff like that needs to be constantly documented not only for the smooth operation but for hte peace of mind that we have done the right thing and not burden others with stuff that can be preventable.

We also learned of how much me relied on one person, and we learned that we miss him.
Rest in Peace.

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