Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back at home, at last!

I can't say I don't enjoy the trips but it sure is nice to lay ones head down on the comfy pillow, have the shower blast in a certain way and fidget around with the intricacies of the house, our home.
We take a long time coming, never driving more than about 7 hours in a day the longest drive is from Ciudad Obregon to Mazatlan.
Then of course the drive from Guadalajara to Morelia seems like it takes 38 hours, when indeed it is only 3 or so.
Must be the anticipation.
Got stuck in traffic in Morelia,
stopped at WalMart, stock up on stuff for the first few days getting situated need the necessities.
My wife demands her crema, and plantains.
I get the ginger root and red onions.
Kaching! Got out of Walmart for less than 700 pesos this time. Must of forgot something real important.
Theres plenty of time for that, now that we have a super store in Patzcuaro.
Now it back to some normality a visit North was bittersweet.
Some good , some bad, glad to return to reality or at least what I perceive it as.
The North Country is total devoid of that!
I was bad I read the newspapers and can't believe how much spending a financially strapped entity is spending.........

I know I couldn't run my old business that way, they must know something I didn't.......

I was never good at making up big stories with no substance, except the time I was a salesman for a HiFI store in the 60's.....
There was a lot of woofers and tweeters to sell and it was a new business......
Now I need to be sure the coffee machine works right, all is well with the little piece of earth down here.
At least for awhile.


ac said...

I envy you and look forward to returning to Patzcuaro, even if it is just for our annual vacation dose. Glad to have you back and posting. It sounds like, despite all the curves that Mexico throws you, that you are truly happy there in Patz.
I Look forward to more postings about life in the Republic.
blog on.

Michael Dickson said...

Bienvenidos, Ken.

We have a "super store" in Pátz? Where would that be? I guess you mean a supermarket. Yeah, we got that. And we´re about to get another. A Bodega by Wal-Mart. Maybe it will be super, but I doubt it. I want a real Wal-Mart, a CostCo and a cineplex.

And a Superama.

ken kushnir said...

Thanks AC, I am sure you will enjoy your annual visit back to Patzcuaro, obviously there is something pulling you back to here...maybe a real big magnet?

I guess "super" is subjective. Years ago I would have called Codiallos a superstore, so today my super store is Soriana. Not quite as large as the big W, nor the Costco etc, but for this little town, it just about all I can handle. So, you want a Costco? You must have some insider information or have an option for a building site? I hope not, a drive to Morelia is the proper distance for me, for both the store and it's stampedes.

ac said...

Hi Ken,
I'm not sure what the magnet is just yet. It's a very sensual place. the climate, the light, the smells, the colors. All of the people we have met so far have been at the least, polite and at best, helpful, friendly and a little curious about us. We try to keep our perspective, the poverty, the unemployment, but the good stuff wins out.
Viva Mexico!

Michael Warshauer said...

Michael Dickson wrote:
"I want a real Wal-Mart, a CostCo and a cineplex."

Yeah; and I want an IHOP. ;-) In our dreams.

I agree with Ken that the big stores of Morelia are a proper distance from us here. It's a real treat to drive to Morelia to shop at those places, but a greater delight to return to la tranquilidad aquí en el rancho.