Thursday, March 05, 2009

A nice getaway

Years ago I was always on the looking for a nice getaway.

A Getaway was for me someplace were one could go, for a quiet night or weekend with a secret partner.
Now that I don't need a secret partner anymore I seem to find lots of nice "getaways".

I think I will surprise my wife and whisk her away to this "getaway" at least if it is only for one night, a change of style will or should do a nice sojourn make.

El Hotel Mansión del Molino, is one such place. Locate in Tocambaro which is about a half hour drive from Patzcuaro, it has everything one needs to survive the night and next morning.
A restaurant, a bar, a nice bed, clean floors and a stellar view.

We found this place while searching for some place to eat. What we found was a nice location for a "getaway".

Our, lunch was served in one of their dining rooms that overlook their gardens which overlook the town.
Usually when we visit this town we have eaten at the Restaruant El Mirador, up the highway.
Highway is a overly nice description of the "Camino" The place is known for it's view of the valley. It also has a tower which you can climb to take that special picture. We wound up not there since it was closed that day.
We use to go to El Tahaban, for years until about 4 or 5 when for some reason they closed up. It was really a good restaurant , with tin roof that allowed you to shout during downpours.
That was my sum total of "restaurant" experience in Tacambaro.
Back to El Hotel Mansión del Molino,
Our lunch started off with a couple of beers served in frozen mugs which elevated the taste of plain old Coronas. My wife decided upon a hamburgesa, which we were notified was not available that day. She opted for the pechuga instead, My default is the Melanasa and our guest had a tapequenia. All were done perfect and offered satisfying tastes.
For some reason every time we have come to Tacamarao and any of it's restautants one appetizer is always presented. Sopes......Sopes are little masa rounds that sort of resemble a tortilla that didn't get squished. It is about a 1/4 of an inch high and topped with refried beans and crumbled cheese. Molino's sopes where great, although not as good as the defunct El Tahaban, but certainly tasty.
We checked out the rooms and found them to be freshly remodeled with modern bathrooms, super clean floors and nice views either of town or their garden areas. They have 10 rooms and 2 suites. Prices run around 5o0 pesos dollars with the suites being 600.
The dining room is situated next to the museumed Molino, which offered history as well as charm to the building.
Parking is a little dicey since we came in a regular sized pickup truck, we spent about 5 minutes practicing our 3 point turns in order to exit on to tiny narrow arteries.
All in all, we will be returning to this place maybe during the rainy season, to catch a view and a meal along with a possible surprise.


Miguelito said...

I always look for places where I can shout during downpours too.

But, is this a fill-in-the-blank post? You say your guest ate a .....

Give us a hint as to what the guest ate. I want to fill this in correctly.

I think I´ll have to see this joint in person. Gracias for the info.

ken kushnir said...

I think I make these little mistakes to have a seasoned editor correct my tries of writing. I even forgot to spellcheck the writings. I corrected the error, I left it to fill in later which you made me do! The place is a nice getaway I am positive you and yours would enjoy it!