Thursday, March 19, 2009

You know what I mean,,, eh?

Oh Yeaaa!,
Oh Yeah,
No Kidden Eh?

Nope not a new language just listening to our temporary neighbors at the motel in Mazatlan. Seems that every year thousands of these fridged people move down to sunny skies in Mazatlan.

Why Mazatlan Eh"

Don't have the slightest idea. Maybe because there is a Canadian Consulate next door to the Playa Mazatlan Hotel.

Maybe because the exchange rate is ok this time?

I would say that at least half of the tourists down here are Canadians.

Except when the Cruise Ships come in then it's the geriatric set, maybe but doubtful, Canadians don't seem to enjoy Cruises.

They either fly down or drive down, like our neighbors from Winnipeg. Nice couple, she's a kick enjoys her suds and was one of the first to try and shout down the loud music aficionado Sunday at 7 am.

Sounds like a real long drive to get a little warm, don't ya think?


Oh, the way....they love their Suds, but they don't sell Moulson Ale down here!

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