Friday, April 24, 2009

Eat your Dirt!

I have mentioned before the need to have your own immune system operational and in top condition. There is a new flu which has claimed the lives of at least 20 people in Mexico City and has affected over 1000 people, there so far.

The news says to refrain from shaking hands, kissing and to be sure to wash your hands........To prevent spreading it and catching it, but I seriously doubt that will help much.

That is going to be tough in Mexico..... but lives depend on it!

It is a new strain that has it's root to pig, birds and humans....
Great, just great!
If this is hitting Mexico, I can image how dangerous it could be up in the US. Since for years mothers have been protecting their children not to play outside, not to put things in their mouths on and on and on. Not building up the old immune system......

When we were growing up, mud pies and sipping and sharing soda pop and sugar water in wax bottles was normal.

It still is in Mexico, I have always thought that Mexicans down here are a pretty hearty bunch, seems that this bug is strong enough to succeed.

Enter vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid.
If you are serious of keeping your immune system in top operational shape you should take a few minutes and read some information which is readily available on the Internet.

In a few words if you don't want to do that,

Vitamin C tables are almost useless, you need massive doses and the body doesn't metabolize the pills fast enough and thorough enough. You should use Ascorbic Acid Powder, it will mix with juice or water and actually works.
I started by first taking 1000mg, (one level teaspoon) at least daily, better yet figure out what your max is.
You do that by starting with 1000mg, then increasing the dose, until you start production of gas then go back to the level before.
When you are sick or need help you actually can take a lot more before the gas kicks in.
Better yet go visit a health food store or a homeopathic pharmacy and spend a little time talking to the may just make you healthier and wiser.
I need all the help I can get........

At least until the crisis is over.


Felipe said...

I was amused by the advice to not kiss and shake hands. In Mexico, where shaking hands and kissing everyone within grabbing distance, that suggestion will fall on deaf ears.

Prepare to die.

Bob Mrotek said...

I think you are right about the vitamin "C". I am a firm believer. Ah, those little wax bottles with colored sugar water. How well I remember them. They used to drive mt father crazy. We used to live down the street from a "candy store" and the kids would leave the little wax bottles on the sidewalk and in the summer the wax would melt and leave a spot which would get dark with dirt over time. My dad was always grumbling something like "there ought to be a law about banning these things" :)

Constantino said...

Felipe, lots of things unfortunatly fall on deaf ears in Mexico....we shall see what the lack of basic common sense will escalate to.

Bob, I too enjoyed those little menaces but had the sense to throw them away somewhere besides the side walk..Same with used up gum, and not on the wall either...
Your past photo of the gum wall reminded me of a wall in San Luis Obispo, CA where the local college made it a hobby to plaster an entire alley way with gum....I never even wanted to go look at that even though a good friend insisted that I experience the scene. Eecch!
I run and wash my hands when I accidentally touch the gum underneath a table or chair.

Felipe said...

The lack of basic common sense will escalate to its highest possible point, as it does here every day.

Don Cuevas said...

I've decided that, as we're all going to die (and we are going to Mexico City on Tuesday), that I will make the most of my last moments by having a 1/4 pound of salty, fatty fried bacon, 3 eggs up, another cup of coffee, possibly followed by a half-smoked La Prueba puro.

Don Cuevas

Felipe said...

Don Cuevas, given that you are free to go to DF anytime, going right now seems, well, a bit nuts. Totally. Don't even try to kiss me when you return, if you return.

Constantino said...

Take care Don Cuevas, have fun in DF, but be careful and don't shake any hands that you don't know where they have been....
While your eating the great food, order up a plate of Fettuccine Alfredo for me, and have extra cream and cheese on it!
Or maybe some nice Foie Gras.....

Leslie Limon said...

This is so true! I doubt that the kids in the States would be able to survive this swine flu. My suegra always says, if you want healthy kids, let them play in the dirt!!!

Don Cuevas said...

We'd avoid going to el DF if we could, but we already have bus and plane "tickets" for a trip to visit mis padres en New Jersey.

Flying out Thursday, ¡ojal√°! We could, I suppose, cut our time in el DF to one night instead of two. There is no reason at this time to spend any extra time there.

I feel somewhat trapped by the situation. I don't like that feeling at all. I suppose postponement is possible, but for how long???

Don Cuevas