Friday, May 22, 2009

Are you sure?

Some of the little annoyances of residence south of the border is first the questions, questions and more questions. Some I don't mind some I do. If you ask then you should at least listen and ponder the reasoning for the answer.

But when they start arguing with you about how life should be, then that is when I give up by walking away.

I use to enjoy confrontational discussions until I figured out that 30% of the people were stupid, and 30% were not sure of what they understood or knew and the balance were satisified with their decisions and are comfortable with their surroundings.

OK, I am being a little harsh, I have paid my dues and am entitled to be crotchety or if I was the other sex someone would describe me as "Bitchy"at times.....

I actually have been called a lot worse, and sometimes I actually refer to myself as the old xxxx

I don't mind it, hell I have gone through great lengths to preserve that title.

It allows me to insulate myself by making people think of me as an old grouch etc. That does come in handy at time you know....

So back to the story, I have questions of where to retire in Mexico almost daily.....And I think that from now on it will just be simpler to answer. Take your pick, San Miguel or Lake Chapala.

There, I 've said it and you can now pick your battle.

"But there isn't the culture of real Mexico there."

"OK, then why did you ask me if you already have a preconceived notion of where you want to reside?"
Besides you will not be happy down here unless you have your creature comforts.....

Why so many people move to Mexico is interesting. I know my reasoning, but when someone tells me that they want to move here because life is more affordable, I just chuckle and remember exactly what they said so I can remind them later.

They move here, but they want, 3 flat screens, they want a freezer, a double door refrigerator, a hot tub, computer, a lap top, a microwave, a blender, electric blanket or air condition and don't forget the big stereo.

They have lights on in the house all the time, not the CFL ones , but big halogen ones that suck the watts right out of the power pole, and then they tell me that their monthly CFE bill or expenses are almost as expensive as in the US.


Why move here if you don't do at least some minimal lifestyle change?

You will probably just move back after a few years anyway.

Or am I being to narrow minded?
Me, not me!


Felipe said...

Hey, I like this one. You´re talking right up my alley. I used to get a lot of email asking those same questions but, for some reason, they have pretty much vanished. I even wrote a post a couple of years back noting that lots of folks just got irritated at my answers. Can´t imagine why.

My light bill is about $12 a month. I know Gringos here who pay over $100 due to the very reasons you mention. I´m talking dollars here, not pesos.

Except for boat and beach nuts, San Miguel and the Chapala area, as you say, are right for most people.

The "real culture of Mexico" is way over-rated.

Constantino said...

Funny it is, I especially like the ones that wind up in front of me walking around somewhere spewing this and that, how awful things are, and they can't understand why this, why that.
I can go to any place and find the negatives in anything...I'm and expert at that, but I can also find a lot of positives. If they want culture they should take it for better or worse.

Lulu... said...

Me gustó muchisimo tu blog!
Pero porque en ingles???
Ojala y pudieras subir en ambos idiomas Ingles-español para que no me cueste trabajo traducir.
Un saludo afectuoso!

Constantino said...

Gracias Lulu, me consideren la posibilidad de hacer eso, pero creo que sería ridiculizado en mi español ...
Y toma más tiempo, a mi edad no tengo que mucho!


Lulu... said...

Nada de riculizado!!
Pero bueno de todos modos aqui seguire pasando.Ojala y me visites.
Un fuerte abrazo!

P.D.Te dejo mi linck

Don Cuevas said...

Sure, there are irritations. But we've got it made in spades, thanks to the relative power of the dollar to the peso, and most of all, that the INAMI makes it pretty easy for us to live here.

So, I don't want to hear any bitching from anyone that, por ejemplo, there's no published combi schedule or map or that "Mexican mayonnaise is garbage." (The latter was a quote.)

An old Chilango friend once told me, "o que aclimatizas o que achingatizas."

Or something along those lines. Basically. "Adapt or be fxxked". He was referring to Mexicans moving to el D.F. but it could be applied to Gringos moving to Mexco.

Don Cuevas

ac said...

I am amazed that people actually complain about some of the examples you all have cited.
"Mexican mayonnaise is @#%&?"
So, make your own. a food processor or hand power, eggs, oil, salt, lemon y un poquito chile talvez?
Trying to changing a culture is like marrying someone and expecting them to change to suit you instead of finding the right person to start with. can you spell d-i-v-o-r-c-e?
We tried to leave our preconceptions at home when we have visited. We still do.
Life is a series of tradeoffs. Unless you are filthy rich.
Why Mexico? for us many reasons, the arts, the climate, the food, not feeling guilty about not participating in US politics ;-), econmics yes, I couldn't live well on my pension in the US, but living a more Mexican lifestyle we can. I hope to discover more about mexico to make my argument stronger to my family andfriend when they tell me we are crazy wanting to live there.
You can keep Chapala and San Miguel. If I wanted to live with euro-gringos I'd stay in the US, Tex-ass maybe. NOT!
I can understand all of your frustration at the same stupid questions. But remember, be patient with those of us who want to learn and live there. if you can repel just a few foreigners who won't like the Republic, you'll be doing us all a favor.
blog on!

Lulu, es muy importante oir de Mexicana(o)s sobre este blog y su experiencias con gringos en Mexico. Mas por favor. Lo siento, no puedo hablar/leer el Espanol bien.
Cuando nosotros viajamos a su pais, no queremos estar gringos tontos, queremos aparecer gringos amables, gringos que comprender no solamente la lengua, pero la cultural tambien. Necesitamos mas viajes a La Republica. El proximo es en Julio a Patzcuaro.

Chrissy and Keith said...
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Chrissy and Keith said...

Amen Brother. If they are looking for an affordable comfortable lifestyle, so are Mexicans moving to the USA.