Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday morning serenade.

Sunday mornings are my day for tranquility. I usually get up earlier then my better half and make some nice dark coffee via the French Press.
During the week we have an machine that first grinds then packs the coffee into a puck prebrews and quickly dispenses a nice but weaker cup than I can make with my own measure in the French Press.

Sunday I have time, to sit read and relax.

One might say that I relax every day, which can be correct but Sundays are different.
Today I will not start any projects nor will I finish any except figuring out what I may make for dinner tonight.
A hazelnut crusted apple tort sounds like my gargantuan project for today.
I bought some Granny Smith apples on our last trip to the mega store and then because of a lack of motivation, put the that project on hold.

The other nicety about Sunday morning is to sit on our patio, enjoying the sun peeking through the vegetation as it paints parts of the lawn and flowerbeds, then illuminating my lettuce plantation......

I enjoy the serenade of the multitude of birds that have invaded the branches and trees that surround my space.

Acres of trees have been hacked by villains cajoling the birds to seek refuge in the mammoth tall trees we still have and are having a hard time in've heard that story before....

Anyone have a high power laser out there that I can borrow to protect our flimsy perimeter?

So with a steaming dark cup of jo, some of yesterdays pan de platano con nuiz de castilla, I sit enjoying the moment. Attempting to chronicle my struggle to achieve tranquilly.

In a hour or so the works of Bach or Bizet will start to drown out the noise that will slowly ratchet up from the surroundings waking up. Then perhaps if there is too much tranquilly going on I will have to lay down for a well deserved siesta.
I love Sundays...........


Steve Cotton said...

Professor Jiggs has learned the joy of siestas. Every time I start to lie down, I think of just one more thing I can do. (One of those: look at the blogs.) But I am learning.

Constantino said...

We should have set up a pool on you Steve. Figuring out how many months it would take you to settle down to doing strenuous relaxation.....

ac said...

that torte sounds great, que saboroso!
What a sensible custom, la siesta. a culturally sanctioned excuse for laziness. I can't wait.
Viva Mexico!