Thursday, June 18, 2009


One thing that I would love to do before I die is to see more of the world. We are fortunate that we have seen lots of places, but there are so many places yet to be seen.

And so little time....

We go to school and it's beat into you that you have to learn, study, apply yourself so that you can lead a rewarding life.

Ok, so after 50 years of doing that, is that all there is?

Yes it's been nice to visit Europe, Central America, North America, Siberia ( in the middle of February) and get to enjoy some remaining years in the beautiful Sierra Madres. For me at least and a handful of other gringos it's a nice place to be.

Not too hot

Not to cold.

Just right!

But we need to see some other places and people. One of my must sees is Vera Cruz and Merida. I just have to figure out the best time to go there, non tourist season.

But then again , I don't think Vera Cruz is a mecca for the jet set.......anymore.

We are talking off for a road trip, there is always georgious tiles and artwork in Dolores Hidalgo. Thats where we got the tiles for our backdrop in our kitchen.

Next we will return to San Miguel, the quaint streets, were you need a "Honey I shrunk the Car" moment to park anywhere within walking distance of anything worth checking out.

Yes, I can park at the Walmart, but we have seen a few of those and I don't need to pick up any local culture there.......

So, I hope I don't get waylayed in Celaya like last time. Seems they were working on the roads there, (Like the always work on the roads there) and there was nary a detour sign placed during the construction.

That added about an hour to the trip, and needless to say...."I told you you should have turned there!"...............

But never offering to drive, sound familiar?

But alas, driving through great little ranchettes and back roads we wind up in San Miguel.

We get to treat a friend, to dinner at a nice restaurnat maybe, and see if I can get my front license plate removed again.......

So off to to see the rest of the world, maybe some day drive down to Merida, hit the beaches in Cancun maybe, maybe not.

I kind of like sleeply Mazatlan, just the right size and almost tolerable noise level......


Felipe said...

Oddly, I have rarely had a problem finding a parking spot on the streets of San Miguel.

Celaya? Celaya, like Toluca, is a thing of the past. Take the autopista, amigo. There is no need to be bothered with either of those cursed places any longer.

Merida in the off season? I think that means summer. You´ll sweat your pelotas off.

jennifer rose said...

There is parking right in San Miguel's Centro Historico, barely a block from the Jardin. Right now you could roll a boulder down the sidewalks of Recreo and not hit a single soul. You'll have the city to yourself.

Babs said...

come and enjoy San Miguel - the rains came last night and as I sit here writing it is in the high 60's. Not many tourists yet so you'll be thrilled at how easy it is to get around town.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Road Trip! Means adventure deluxe in Mexico.

Seems I recognize the conversation you described as something Husband and I have had but at much higher decibel!

Constantino said...

Well Felipe, you have been blessed with a lot smaller car that I had last time we were there, (my license plate time) this time we should squeeze in smaller spots trying to to back into a phone pole wire support or cement filled pipe placed on the sidewalk. I thought we did take the autopistas last time but they were making overpasses or somthing...we will see

Jennifer, we will be spending more time this time, and I plan on checking more stuff out, the lot will be one of my first finds.

We enjoy SM, especially the dining at the Sierra Nevada. There are a couple of hardware places I need to see for matching hinges for some projects. I just need to remember how to get there again! I see now that there are tons more good places, we are only going to be there a few days, so we have lots of stuff to see. Let me know what your favorite is Babs, since I was at the Sierra Nevada last trip.

American Mommy, I learned awhile ago that volume never got me much. So I learn to compromise and count to ten a lot.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

You are right on that one ... uno, dos, tres, ...