Monday, July 27, 2009

I prefer instant pay, myself.

A friend told me today that now since the states are out of money, the police are issuing tickets like crazy.
He got one for "texting while driving"...... but he doesn't have a cell phone,
that's the problem....

He was changing the music selection on his IPOD.

And he was at a stop light that just stopped in the traffic, at an intersection.

So now, the new style of "The Law" gave him a ticket without even so much as the customary explanation. You know, judge, jury and executioner, tax collector all in one!

The officer told him that he is welcome to fight it , just go to court.

That's another problem.

So he takes a day off from work, and goes to court, Judge says, well, if you want to protest this we will have to reschedule this so the officer can testify, or I just reduce the fine from $135 to 50 bucks and we dispose of it today?

Day off, another day off, the cop may lie, he's screwed anyway you look at it.

In Mexico, I get stopped, I instantly pay, no lost wages, no lost time (except for negotiations) and I pay a fine.....

Another reason I enjoy fast justice in Mexico!

And you know the states will get more money hungry as the meltdown continues.......


Calypso said...

So your friend is at a dead stop selecting some tunes and he gets this ticket - grrrr.

Really reads like a kangaroo court scenario - it seems like this is harassment - maybe he should give Obama a call and let him settle it - or at least add his two cents about how STUPID that cop is ;-)

Would like to read the outcome...

Constantino said...

Sadly they know of the "hassle" factor one must face to stand up for your rights, (and truths). It is just like bogus insurance settlements, where one has to weigh the costs to right a wrong.
My friend has already has lost one day of work and pay, and he may win, but the defense will cost him more than the 50 bucks.
I myself got a similar situation years ago, and you must at some point face reality. Cut your losses and live to choose another battle that you may win...
I am glad that I have few years left to grasp the changes that are in the future....
He did minimize his losses, but wrote a letter to the court, which went on deaf ears. He also wrote to a politician of his district of the injustice which is where it is now.
Certainly his situation is not the lone one, I now sympathize with the other who face similar forces of evil, who I once scoffed at their plight, now commiserate with!

Anonymous said...

It seems particularly immoral to have the police shaking down the populace that they are sworn to protect. Meanwhile, I'm sure there are genuine crimes in progress that they are not attending to.

Perhaps they should be ticketed for hassling while other, more serious things are happening.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where, remarkably, the cops don't much give a shit about traffic-related offenses

Constantino said...

Sadly what is right and just is not what is becoming the norm it was once. Things are being done that would have been seriously scrutinized years ago are not being paid much attention to. In both local and national venues.