Friday, August 07, 2009

Sad day today R.I.P. Jimmy.

Jimmy Bedford the man responsible for the taste and quality of Jack Daniel's for the last 40 years has died.
He retired just a few months ago, after spending 40 years working at the Jack Daniel Distillery at the tiny Tennessee town of Lynchburg

As the Jack Daniels brand's sixth master distiller, Bedford was responsible for making the world-famous whiskey . Tonight I will have to observe a solemn toast and bid his memory farewell for years of some of the best libations made.
Some drank straight and some with various mixers. Thankfully he had trained a new distiller and bestowed his profound wisdom on him.


Felipe said...

It´s particularly sad when someone retires and then promptly drops dead.

Constantino said...

Yep, he was working around his farm, and they found him dead. Maybe he should have stayed working....I doubt it thought.
Lesson is that one must live every day as it is their last.
Some are more fortunate than others to be able to enjoy life to the last second.

Nancy said...

How appropriate to toast to his memory! I hope you don't have a headache this morning...

It is sad how often people don't get to enjoy their retirement.

Paul and I will raise a glass tonight.