Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caesar's dies

From the AP Wire, it is reported that in Tijuana, Caesar's is dead.

The Tijuana restaurant that popularized the Caesar salad has closed, an apparent victim of a tourism-dependent economy devastated by crime, drug violence and the swine flu.

The slump in visitors from the U.S. also appeared to have claimed another food innovator on the border — an eatery linked to the invention of nachos in the town of Piedras Negras, across the Rio Grande from Texas.

The story goes on to say that both restaurants grew to fame, as legend goes that they whipped up some food in a hurry to satisty hungry visiting Gringos. Caesar's shut down on Monday after years of serving the famous romaine lettuce salad which was invented by Caesar Cardini in the 1920's...

An ex employee said that tourists aren't coming because they are scared off by drug cartel turf battles that often occur in Mexico's border regions and by last spring's flu outbreak.

How sad that a long standing institution has been shuttered because of bad economy and bad PR. What's next, Hussong's in Ensenada or maybe the bar with the burro?

Changing times.......

And I was saddened when my favorite Taco stand in Patzcuaro closed......Tacos Chinos......Sad day indeed!


Felipe said...

I think there is more than one bar with a burro. Nice mugshot, by the way.

Inmigrante Rentista said...

Lord help us if and when the burros go ........ what next spring break?