Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beso su Peso Adios

Wandering around town a few days ago I noticed one of our newer tourist traps.
Low and behold moored in it's customary spot was our tourist trolley, which attracts unsuspecting folks from near and far.
One thing I noticed that it was parked dormant most of the day.
At least it was in the same spot 5 hours later than earlier observed. Maybe it was saving it's parking space. Parking is often premium.
This will get more difficult as time nears to the D day of Dia De Las Muertos. It's normal berth is almost across the street from the museum.

I had mentioned it before that I thought it was a cheap thrill, having your butt massaged as the tires pummel the cobblestones around town.

This time I notice a substantial sign that was missing before. last time I had wandered past it.

This sign was their "bill of fare". Seems the trip will last one hour and the cost per head is 50 pesos. One hour whether in traffic or not. That means that in the next few weeks that will be one trip around the big plaza.
If you are lucky you will be able to get down to the dock on the side of Lake Patzcuaro, but the sign has no guarantees........

Judging from the traffic I saw today, I think the trip around the plaza may be it! At least on Fridays.....well......include Saturday and throw in a Sunday too.

Since I only see it operated on weekends, I suspect my idea of having a "Back to the Future" ride concession won't make me too many pesos either.

The pseudo trolley carries about 12 to 15 passengers. 15 if you happen to be Mexican, you know how they like being close to each other, Just look at the taxi's.

I am often amazed that they can fit that many people in one.

All without seeing the college kids stuffing Volkswagen Bugs, in the 50's , just think if there was a contest now, I think the Mexicans would win tortillas down.

Back to the Patzcuaro Trolley.

So let's say they have an average of 10 riders at a fell swoop, that amount to 500 pesos a load.

Not bad for an old used up truck, with couple of benches and plywood.

I tip my hat for that old Mexican ingenuity.

Wish I would have thought of it........


Felipe said...

I have a different take on that sign. I think they have a set route and the hour time is simply an estimate. I´d imagine you get the set route no matter how long it takes. I could be wrong.

". . . would win tortillas down." You´re a card, sir.

Constantino said...

I think you are probably right, the hour goes down around the plaza and down to the dock. I talked to the woman at the shop and she said it usually runs about and 1 hour during the week and on DOD they do not run because of the traffic, usually. They do have a timeline for what ever good that does here, so as not to have their paying customer wait to long to get them on the ride.....

Anonymous said...

We saw it in February when we were there. It did not look overly inviting. We opted for a local taxi tour instead.

Don Cuevas said...

We, being jaded and sophisticated expats, would never take that trolley ride. Never.
I'd rather be caught eating at the Subway.

We once took the TuriBus double decker bus tour in Mexico City, and enjoyed all but the part at night, when all there was to see was Polanco.

Don Cuevas

Felipe said...

I´ve never taken the P├ítz trolley and likely never will. But I´ll be first in line at the Subway.

Constantino said...

Felipe can't wait for the subway or the Cineopolis to come to town....
sad....really, sad.....

Don Cuevas said...

We recently dined at the Plaza Camelinas Subway location in Morelia. It was excellent, for a fast food chain product.

It was our conveniently located for a pre-theater supper.
However, I doubt we'll become constant customers.

Don Cuevas

Constantino said...

Interesting that you called it "Dining" ?
They are better than any other fast food, I made the mistake of stopping by the McD in the Morelia Plaza yesterday......thinking of writing about that experience.....
Subway is pretty good, especially since you can design the end result.

Felipe said...

Don Cuevas, of the three Subways I know of in Morelia that one you dined in is the worst, really stingy with ingredients. Actually, it´s the worst Subway I have visited in Mexico, and I have visited quite a few.

They are franchised.

Don Cuevas said...

Felipe, if I had had your counsel in advance of eating there, we could have avoided it.

(Actually, it wasn't bad at all. We haven't been to many Subways, anywhere. Yes, the meat and cheese part was skimpy but the verduras were abundante.)

Perhaps you should write a guidebook, "Subways of Mexico Rated."

Const: I carefully chose the word "dined" for its ironic qualities.

Don Cuevas