Friday, October 16, 2009

My Weed Eater

If you remember about a year ago I was complaining (like I never complain) about the growth of weeds we have on th property and the fire danger we are exposed to during the dry season.

Cue the weedeater

Now we have developed another problem.


Well it seems that if we had one animal, it would make sense to have two, then my friend said, " Hey how about raising some organic, non hormone cattle?"

Sure, why not?

How much more effort could it be?

It's really is not much more effort, but the result is a lot of waste products.
I mean a lot!
About 1 or 2 pickup truck loads full a week.

Know any one that would love some great fertilizer?
You notice how nice my word selection is?

You will notice of how short the grass is, I can see across the canyon and on to the other property line now.

Now if I could only put in a Teflon coated furrow.
What comes to mind is a famous saying plumbers NOB have about stuff running down hill........


Bob Mrotek said...

Okay, Connie, time to start thinking about putting in a mushroom factory :)

Constantino said...

Now that sounds like too much work. Don't they have to have special dark buildings?
Or maybe you have something there... I don't thing there is a big market here in Mexico for mushrooms.

Wm said...

Goats. Did you consider goats? They keep the grass down, their 'fertilizer' is modest, good for vegetable gardens when prepared properly and some of them make great pe(s)ts. And Mexico has some pretty tasty dishes made with goat.

With cattle, you're going to become good friends with the local veterinarian. Pink eye, heel flies, etc. Let me know when you need to have a round up. I know how to do that.

Constantino said...

I had to let my buddy go for it! Seems his brothers in law are doing that now, and their was some profit (very little) motive for this.
I never stand in the way of that, you know!
I still want to get a few goats, though.

Calypso said...

Goats - can be noisy and pesky - get a Stihl (noisy but only for a short time).

Christine said...

I think you should switch to goats. They'll eat anything. Less poo, less methane too.

Constantino said...

I know, my first choice was goats, but my friend wanted cattle...and since he is doing 99% of the work, I see how he does. I may still get a female pygmy goat or two....

John, will a Husqvarna do? I already have the largest sized DR weedmower, but thats too much work....and if I fire up the Husqvarna, I might be tempted to cut one too many.

Christine, now if I could only harness the methane.....