Friday, November 27, 2009

Here little salamander.......

In Northern California, Sonoma County to be exact, The Wine country, my old stomping grounds. The local paper reports that streets are being closed in order to build ramps so that the Tiger Salamander can safely navigate in their habitat.

The streets will be closed until some time in early February.

This is being done as another "feel good" project and is being funded by who else, the taxpayer.

Mexico probably has had more animals run over, chopped up, fried, boiled and roasted than imaginable. But in in Northern California, money is being spent so that the salamander can survive.

And they say the US is broke.

Obviously not.

If you told the average person in Mexico that this was happening they would look at you like you were crazy.

And they are. With all the other important issues of the day, the money and resources are going to do this is beyond belief.

I wonder how they would taste in a stew or perhaps a taco?

Probably a cross between a baby seal or chicken.....

And life goes on.........


Felipe said...

You´re right that this would be inconceivable in Mexico.

Wm said...

I would be curious to know how many people in tiger salamander country have ever seen one of the little critters and, if so, how much do they know or care about their habitat. If it were put to a vote, would the voters agree that we should spend this money to protect them or, as I suspect, is this a program developed by our bureaucracy to create cushy jobs for bureaucrats and satisfy those who have already trashed the tiger's habitat by living here already and wishing that others not be allowed to do so. Just wondering.

Tancho said...

Ah..Wm. A smart and utterly reasonable logical man!
It has nothing to do with habitat, it does have everything to do with bureaucracy. It will only get more prolific with the new political religious party...the religion of green!