Friday, January 15, 2010

things are never what they seem...???

Call it old age, call it skepticism, call it cynicism, call it senility, whatever you want, it is a strange and awkward feeling.

Things have changed. It use to be that what you saw and what people said was fact.

If you saw someone walking down the street, you could be pretty sure it was really them and not a holographic image, not a phony lookalike with a pasted on head.

Now you can not be sure.

With the digital age, you can put the head of someone on a torso of someone else. It's done every day and with someone with skilled hands and mouse talent it is almost undistiguishable from the seeming real.

Relationships have been hiding feelings and truths for years....something a computer keyboard can't manipulate too long.

Trust and the belief in something is important. If you can't trust what you see or what you hear how do you know it is the truth?

A reader sent me a link that I looked at and this is the motivation of this rant.

You can no longer believe or trust anything to be real or can you?

Government propaganda machines around the world have been doing this for a long time, to get you to believe in something they want you to.

After all, can you really believe what you see on the news, on TV?

Take a look at this link and after you look at it, you will understand that everything we have been accepting as fact in our eyes can indeed be 180 degrees opposite.
Not a good warm fuzzy feeling.
Funny how we grew up believe things that were were taught. Lot of it was reinforced with visual aids.
The ad business in Mexico is catching up with the rest of the digital manipulators. A click here, a overlay there and viola, you have an end result.
So when you hear someone say, I saw it with my own eyes, which is a common saying, remember this link......

go check out

And you will see what I mean.

So the moral of the story is this year take a little time and think about stuff just a tad more......


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder what crap we are spoon fed.

Bob Mrotek said...

Okay Tancho, are you telling me that Neil Armstrong walked in front of green screen and never really walked on the moon or that Sully Sullenberger didn't really land on the Hudson? In Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore the little buttercup sings "Things are SELDOM what they seem" and that may be true but you said things are "NEVER" what they seem. Remember what Abe Lincoln said, "You can fool SOME of the people all of the time and you can fool all of the people SOME of the time but you can't fool ALL of the people ALL of the time. The Bible tells us to "test all things" so that's what we should do but it also tells us to "hold fast to that which is good". I am holding fast to you my friend so don't drag us off the deep end, eh? Lighten up will ya :)

Tancho said...

Ha Bob, no not at all, and I am glad you brought up Sully Sullenburger, I just saw his documentary which brought shivers to my spine. All that I am saying is to not believe EVERYTHING that you may see nowadays, that's all!
I just don't think that people check things out the way they should nowadays, and believe everything they see and hear as gospel!

Pat said...

The need for critical thinking is nothing new. Newspapers have printed stories for years that turned out to be urban myths, rumor, or just plain wrong. Chromakey is nothing new, as you know. Actors in the 30's were filmed riding in a car with a street scene projected on a screen behind them. The digital age has just made it WAY harder to tell. I don't think of it as a lie, more like a way to provide us with more fantastic entertainment for less money. A news story, that would be one thing. But a film or TV show, more power to them!

Tancho said...

Critical thinking eh?
Based on some of my recent conversations with people, that seems to becoming a skill not exhibited as often as I would expect. One of the things that I noticed was a bridge with cars placed adjacent to the beach in Mazatlan on a commercial a few days ago. The job was so good that I had to keep reviewing it to be sure I was not confusing it with another location. Interesting that many Mexican novellas are now done using the same process which allows them to save tons of money by not moving all the actors and support people all over the place.

norm said...

Our dear friends at Fox News get busted using blue screens and old clips all the time but they know who the fools are-and they are us.