Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spiffy for Ruta 2010 , maybe?

Major construction projects are everywhere.
In Patzcuaro they are redoing the large plaza. They redid the small one a couple of years ago, got rid of the old worn out tile that had become water bowls when it rained and replaced the sidewalks and curbs.....progress and maintenance, keeps people employed.

This year, the big project is the Plaza Quiroga. The big plaza which has the municipal offices and the tourist office, water company, couple of hotels and a handfull of coffee shops.

Gotta look good you know....

Oh, and it is also know for having the best ice cream manufactures selling their product under that same portico.
In fact it is one of the more famous businesses in Patzcuaro. They have national acclaim by several national magazines and newspapers, so the plaza needs to look spiffy.

What's interesting is that on this plaza they are lining the sidewalks with large granite slabs to act as the buffer between the cars and plaza.

Makes sense, granite is forever.....right?

Down on the road coming up to the centro, down by the road that has the IMSS and other offices, hotels and businesses are located the road is lined by massive trees all sporting faded white outerware.

The trees always get a fresh coat of white wash in October.
Seems proper to have clean bottoms when the visitors flock for the Day of the don't want dirty tree trunks do you?

Anyway, the driveways and street there are being repaved and redone with new sidewalks, access driveways etc.
Only one issue I have as a retired know it all, they are using plain old concrete bricks, to make the edging to the side walk.

In town you have a granite slab, 6 inches by 18 inches by 30 inches bordering and buffering the cars to the sidewalk.
Here it is a single row, about 5 or 6 bricks high running the length of the driveways or sidewalks.
You know, one brick on top of another, with mortar in between.
No, structural steel or anything.

So, what will happen when the first car decides to use the brick buttress as a point of stopping?
The bricks will hold back no more and structural failure will result.

So in awhile the street sidewalks with crumbling bricks will create another project of replacing the broken and dislodged bricks.......
Another make work project......must be in the planning. Do you think?

The main plaza sports new everything, except the benches are old, with nice patches where needed. Nice concrete, stone heavy butt-proof.
I always thought that time was not an issue in Mexico. Seems they are catching up with instant gratification. The workers to your right are off loading sod. Nothing like just rolling out new lawn. Why wait for it to spout, water, birds will pick holes in it, so zappo...instant lawn.......
Take a look at the hard workers. Click on the photo and see the view the worker is enjoying of his new lawn........


Steve Cotton said...

Perhaps it will have a "worn" look by the time I get up the mountain.

Tancho said...

Well Steve you keep coming up with delays and excuses. I am sure that it probably will be well worn by the time you show up. You will need to get rid of the crutches first. It will all still be here, nothing changes much in Patzcuaro.

Felipe said...

Tancho: I noticed that same thing about the brick they are lining the street with, and I thought too that it would not last.

However, a sharp eye will reveal that same type of border exists along the street farther down, starting where La Bodega Aurrera is and continuing on down past the Don Vasco hotel. And it´s held up just fine for years. Perhaps they know what they´re doing.

On the Plaza Grande, there were benches only on one side on the north end of the plaza. All the rest of the plaza had benches on both sides, but not on the north end. They have corrected that, and there are brand spanking new benches along that stretch. I´m sure they will be as uncomfortable as the others. Concrete really doesn´t work too well if you want to be comfy.

The plaza is done. It was scheduled to be opened last Friday. However, they are delaying the opening until the Easter vendors are in place in the alternate location this year up by the Basilica. Seems City Hall thinks that if they open the plaza now, the vendors might sneak into it instead of going where they are being sent up by the Basilica.

Tancho said...

It will be nice to see the plaza sporting new benches and tiles. I often stumble on the worn ones, so now I will not have to lift my clogs to avoid tripping.
I think it was you who mentioned you tote a cushion when you occupy the concrete for your extended observation perch.

The concrete boarder bricks,that I did notice were varied from intact to some that were demolished. The same driveways were also in pretty sad shape so it may have something to do with drivers simply not caring what they run into. Hopefully they will last. Delaying the opening probably makes sense. It didn't seem to make too much difference in the action around the plaza during construction and surprising even parking.