Thursday, March 04, 2010

cost of living

One of the questions asked of me is the reasons of having an abode in Mexico.
Cost of living at least at this decade is something that is paramount and has been in relationship to other venues other than something more south perhaps in Central America.

As an example I offer you a few line items, and you can check out and see the bottom line.
Last week I needed some new socks.
Down to the mercado I went, I purchased 3 pairs of socks, and the asking price was 10 pesos for a pair, or 3 for 24 pesos.
Current exchange rates would make that 3 pairs for 2 dollars.
Similar socks in the states would be at least 6 dollars or more.

Food items on the other hand are even more reasonable.
Take a look at my receipt for some items purchased last week. The prices are in pesos and the weight is in kilograms. For ease of figuring out, make one Kilo = 2 pounds, although it is actually more.
We will start from the bottom:
  • Betabel (beets) 1lb, 18 cents
  • Chayote 1/2lb 48 cents
  • Ejote (green beens) 1/2 lb 60 cents
  • Limes 2 lbs 40 cents
  • Papaya 2 lbs 90 cents
  • Broccoli 1 lb 22 cents
  • Cantaloupe 3lb $1.07
So we will stop there and you will see that items are a fraction of the prices that people in the states enjoy. When you also consider items like avocados which run about 2 bucks each ( in the states) are ridiculously cheap at about 20 cents each, you will understand how it is that people can live very inexpensively.
Keep in mind that you can spend more money by shopping at the larger "discount" stores or other places where you can pay more and get less of a value. By going to the local markets you would be surprised first off at the quality of the items and the total amount of money that you have spent when you carry a very heavy bag home with all kinds of fresh items.

Rents are also inexpensive. Gringos will of course be charged a lot more money than locals but you can get a nice one or two bedroom house anywhere from about 200 to 400 dollars a month. Many of those also include the utilities.
Also when you go into the more popular touristy places the prices will jump up considerable to what the traffic will allow. All in all, there is great value which probably explains why so many people have chosen to relocate down here.


JerryL said...

To good to be true!

Tancho said...

At the moment it still is, but prices are creeping up pesos by pesos.

Felipe said...

Those aren´t bad-looking socks. I may have to head into the mercado. Or I could just go to Sears or Liverpool, as Ms. Rose recommends.

Tancho said...

I was surprised at the quality of them also. In the past I had paid about 48 pesos at Fabricas De Francia the last time I needed some, but it seems the local vendors have some better quality now. Now with Liverpool, I don't want to make too much contribution to their light bill....
You shopping at Sears or Liverpool ? I just don't see that in the picture.

Felipe said...

If I buy a shirt around here, it´s almost always at Sears or Liverpool or what was Liverpool (Fabricas de Francia). Regarding pants, I pretty much wear nothing but jeans, and it´s virtually impossible to find them long enough. Only in Texas.

Coats, jackets, etc.? Sears or Liverpool.

Tancho said...

I will have to agree with you, the shirts and slacks are lacking here, although I haven't spent a lot of time rummaging through the mercado inventory. What's nice is that Liverpool now has a much better mens department, although pricey ( US prices) the selection is great. Sears also has a good selection. My last shirts I purchased at Costco and Walmart. Nice good quality flannel ones, and sport shirts. My jeans are length 32 inches, I assume your are 34. Those are harder to find around here. (Not a problem in GDL)
The best place (store) I have found is on the corner of Ibarra and Federico Tena. They have a good selection for the casual male....

Felipe said...

...and I´m as casual as they make 'em.

I know that store at Tena and Ibarra. Nice stuff in the window. Never bought anything though.

Regarding pants lengths, 32 is about as far as they go here. Yep, I´m 34.