Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's too hot?

I thought that Acapulco was warm and toasty. Inland the silver city Taxco it is currently 95 degrees with high overhead clouds, kind of making it somewhat hot, humid, stuffy and not my cup of horchada.

I know exactly why I like the high country of Michoacan.

Presently it is about 85 degrees in Patzcuaro, hot if you are standing in the sun. A lot cooler if you slide into the shade. About 6 o'clock when the sun falls behind the hills it starts to get cool.
Last night the temperature dropped to a freezing 43, in Patzcuaro, but a nice balmy 56 in Taxco.

I love my cool crisp nights without humidity that plummet into the low to mid 40's.

Need a blanky at that chilling elevation....the wiener dogs do a fantastic job of warming the feet at the foot of the bed during those freezing nights......

Taxco is one beautiful town. I am always pleasantly surprised at finding these places. Mexico is so different that what you envision for years. You get pleasurably surprised and better yet, I have yet to be disappointed at any place that I have been so far.

Except once. That was a beach town. It was years ago and things may have changed, maybe not. But....That's another story.

Anyway , Taxco is know for it's silver artisans. The town itself kind of a cross between SMA and Tacambaro.
Houses built up on the sides of the hills, a dozen or so churches, but Taxco doesn't have the expat population nor the tourists.


Again the center piece of the town of course is the church. Always the church. Probably a better option than a Telcel tower.

At least they don't hang antennas on the church spires like they do NOB.

When the congregations' offerings dropped, lots of antennas popped up. I don't think we will see that in Mexico for awhile.
Mexicans will go without food before they stop plunking down a few pesos for the padre on Sunday.

The main church in Taxco kind of reminds me of the Russian Cathedral in San Francisco for some reason. The big difference is on the Russian Church you see the large onion style do have the round domes, other have sharp dagger like spires.

It's funny to see rows and rows of shops with silver, silver and more silver. I wonder how it got to be that certain towns develop as the basis of a particular artisan vocation.

Why Taxco for silver? Most if not all the silver mines are not in the area here, but further North.


Leah Flinn said...

Someday I will make it over that way. If for nothing more than to escape the heat here on the east coast. Enjoy the mild climate!

Calypso said...

Moderate humidity is a trade-off for having water. You guys over there buying water to fill cisterns would not make my list of places to live - the future is water amigo.

I was amazed at the narrow streets in Taxco - lovely town if you need a silver platter however ;-)

Tancho said...

We will hope that you will enjoy the moderate climate, the crisp evenings, but it does take some getting use to. 8000ft elevation does have some visitors huffing and puffing.
Ah, Calypso, just like in your area not all people have to buy their water or have it delivered via truck. Some folks have running water, ours with the help of a solar pump, other with gravity, but all drinkable. The future is water, indeed. Water Harvesting will be important especially NOB.
The narrow streets were I am sure perfect for the burrow when built. Now it helps to have a scooter like you or a small car. The silver is amazing, more than one can imagine!

JerryL said...

103 in GDL today....but it's a dry heat.

Felipe said...

I have been in Taxco just once, Christmas of 2004. I liked it okay. I wasn´t crazy about it. Probably would visit again if it were closer to P√°tzcuaro.

But it´s not.

Tancho said...

Well it was sort of on the way from Acapulco to DF, 1st time, for everything. Don't need to return for quite awhile.
Cuernavaca is next..... Next year the big trip will be south, real south. Got to figure out the cooler time though.