Monday, June 28, 2010

It's the Water

"It's the water" use to be the slogan for Olympia Beer if my memory serves me right...Hamms Beer from San Francisco had a dancing bear that use to say "From The Land Of Sky Blue Waters".
In our travels in Mexico on the Pacific Coast, I have not seen crystal clear waters.

But then we are usually in Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, Mazatlan or San Carlos...

Maybe there are places, but we have not found them as of yet.

I understand that on the Gulf of Mexico the waters are clear, but thats a whole length of the country away and I understand it's hot...real hot.

We went to Santa Catalina while we are "on the road" for a short getaway and celebrate my wife's birthday. During our stay water was all around us and it was a novel site.....Clear water.

What was nice to see was that the water was free of plastic bags, styrofoam cups, Coca Cola bottles and other stuff commonly seen on Mexico waters.

I'll still do my part to not toss stuff and clean up my part, would be nice if there were trash cans more often and the desire to keep the land clear and clean....
I can dream.


Jerry L said...

At least we will not have the oil slick from deep water wells!

Steve Cotton said...

I wish I had been home when you were in the area. We have some clear water. Clear enough for nice snorkeling.

Tancho said...

I'll put it on my bucket list Steve! I can handle that without too much stress!