Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Need an acetylene cutting torch....

Is it me or am I the only one who is ready to blow up a bar of soap?
We are "on the road" combining my wife's birthday celebration, with an excuses to see some new places.

This necessitates staying in Hotels, Motels and other rooms with a view.
Some great views, others not so great.
One of the first things I do when we arrive in our room after checking in is I go to the bathroom to wash my hands.
Lots of dirty things around, the worst being telephones, comforters, phone books and door knobs. In order to wash my hands I usually will use some soap. I have a few bars in my bags, but why bother....there are a few new fresh ones on the sink or on the adjacent shelf.
Then it starts.
First ones I hate are the cutesy ones that are packaged in plastic. Wrapped so tight that you can't even get one of your fingernails into it or under the sticker to attempt to slide off the wrapping.

I turn it, look for some way or place to get the taught plastic to surrender to my he-man grip.
More fumbling,

Then in my last attempt I contemplate biting the plastic off.....the same way you sometimes have to attach a pouch of crisps ( for my English speaking friends) or packets of peanuts.....

No, that will leave me with some foul taste in my mouth, plus you never know where the soap might have fallen prior to the placement on the sink adjacent to the toilet.
More fumbling.....finally one nick and I can now try and remove the heat shrunk plastic as it miraculously clings to the soap.
Now comes the hassle of trying to get the plastic that is super static charged away from you hand.

And all I wanted was to wash my hands. Now I need to get in the shower to wash off all the perspiration this wrestling of the soap bar has created.
Use to be nice when the small bar of Lifeboy, Dial or Ivory came in a paper wrap........
Easy to open, easy to toss and it was part of the landfill that would soon decompose 30 to 60 days no more paper.
Not so with that crappy plastic wrap.
Some of the lower budget motels we have stopped at just have a small bar, no paper, no plastic wrap on it, would never pass the US bacteria police I am afraid.
Maybe I will just cart along my own soap bar in a little plastic clam-shell case like they use to have years ago.
I'll let my wife retrieve the wrapped cutesy soap to fill her every expanding and growing mountain of little bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
Once washed now I settle down to figuring out the AC control on the wall....and looking for the ice machine.


Bob Mrotek said...

So where the heck are you? Do you want me to bring you some soap? ¿Qué más?

jennifer rose said...

What kind of man are you if you're not carrying a pocket knife?

Steve Cotton said...

Sir, I believe you are turning into Andy Rooney. And that ain't bad. After all, it could have been Mickey Rooney.

JerryL said...

For me it's the smooth bottle tops of shampoo. I always seem to forget to open them before I step in the shower and have lathered up my hands.

Tancho said...

Well Bob, I was going to post a few pix of where we are, give me a day or two to see how the pix work out, I am not anywhere where I can down load the photos yet, but we are on a island.....
Jennifer, I use to before my pockets got weighed down with glasses, pill case, pen, change....and a man purse is out of the questions since I left several of them on counters through out Morelia....
Steve, Andy Rooney, every wonder how much stuff he notices that you notice too? Gotta thing about that....
I also have had that issue I usually will use my teeth to untwist those round tops that look like balls that are difficult.

Anonymous said...

A real man doesn't use soap!

Tancho said...

No soap?, remind me not to shake your hand.........

Don Cuevas said...

I, too have zero patience with recalcitrant packaging.

When faced with an obstinate wrapper or container, I ask Doña Cuevas to take care of it.

That woman has the patience of a saint. How else could we have lasted 42 years together?

Don Cuevas

PS: "Island"?
¿El Hotelito Desconocido?