Friday, July 23, 2010

I got free breakfast today! Oh Boy!

One of the prestigious men's breakfast clubs that I use to belong to in the 80 and 90's found out that I was running around the old stomping grounds in Sonoma County. They invited me to speak to the group, about technology past, present and future.

Being a modest, all knowing fellow, I agreed to bestow my knowledge on the august group. The first thing that I noticed arriving for breakfast at 7 AM was how much all the members had aged from the last time I saw them about 10 years ago. Since I still look the same as I did then, I kind of felt sorry for the old fellows.

What was planned to be a 30 minute summary of where technology has been and is heading got waylayed into my experiences in Mexico.

What about all the beheading?

How do you deal with all the corruption?

This group was founded on the philosophy of "not doing anything for anyone" because most of the members where also members of service clubs that did do noble things for the community. This club was just to get with the "boys", swap lies and stories and an occasional non PC joke about some ethnic group or cause.

It was kind of like a locker room without the smell.

Anyway, the talk got sideswipe into discussions of Mexico and the life and experiences down there.
It is amazing of the perception of the average halfway intelligent person of how they process what they see from the media.
The media didn't have stories of the good stuff that occurs daily, but only the bad.

The beheading topic was tossed around, and one member was even able to come up with a decent tasteless joke about it.
If it was good I would have remembered it, so sorry, I can't for the life of me do that now.

It would be nice of there was some source of little more positive stories in the media, instead of Lindsey Lohan going to jail.....

Who the hell is Lindsey Lohan?

All I know is that she is some Hollywood superstar...... shows how out of touch I am with "Entertainment Super Stars".

Sad that the media can't get their act together to tone down that crap about superstars and killings, and provide stories and articles about life in other countries, maybe some politics like the economic situation in Greece and Spain,  but sadly that's not sensational enough and it wont sell magazines or papers.

The talk was received much better than expected, and it was nice to see a lot of my old buddies that I had breakfast with for years and years.......

I'm glad that I have non aging genes in my family.....
I hope.


Anonymous said...

i had to chuckle at your "i look the same" comment. i think we all do that. we see others we haven't seen in a while and think, "gee, they sure look old". when i do that i then think to myself, "i look old too." i'm only 55 but look older because of my gray. of course if i dyed my hair, i'd look 10 years younger, or so i am told. but being healthy is more important than looking young so i keep my gray-i've earned each and every silver strand.

have you gotten creative with your flans lately? or is it too hot to bake?

hope you're enjoying the summer.

teresa in lake stevens

Tom said...

Ola Tancho-My old friend Bob and I, afflicted with arrested development and lapping at the swill of mass media, have formed a Lindsay Lohan support group. Perhaps best not to divulge, in these family pages, the details of our ideas to bring her comfort during this bound-to-be-stressful time. Suffice it to say, we’d appreciate a plug for FREE LILO at your next speaking engagement. Gracias.

Steve Cotton said...

I think the same thing about other people aging -- until I look in the mirror and find my father staring back at me.

Tancho said...

Ok, I guess I will admit to aging a little...
But I still look better than the rest of those old guys..probably because the old guys are 10 to 15 year older than me. I was lucky enough to bail out a little early. No different flans, but I made a pumpkin bread pudding, I'll post it in the next few days.

Tom, your note, made me google LL, she is an attractive woman and the info said she was the star of Disney's Parent Trap.
The Parent Trap that I saw was with Hayley Mills....25+ years before LL was even hatched.
Maybe I don't see movies enough....
Steve: Kinda scary, in a melancholy way isn't it. Looking back at my HS photos is the real big difference in change.

Anonymous said...

pumpkin bread pudding-yum! i look forward to seeing the recipe.


Calypso said...

Hombre - you have been away from home mucho tiempo - when do you go home?

PS. What does an old *art like you know about future technology - really? You and Mick Jagger I guess huh? ;-)

Tancho said...

As Abe Lincoln once said
"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

It was nice reminding all those guys that all my magical predictions I talked about last time I spoke to them about 20 years ago all came to fruition....
I reminded them of that, and that made me even more an awe inspiring..... Had it been a group of 20-30 year olds, it would have been real uninteresting.

I'm carefully packing the SUV with lots of goodies, just waiting for La SeƱora to return from visiting family down way south.
Believe me , I cannot wait until I see the English mile markers in my rear view mirror...

Anonymous said...

this was posted a few days ago so why is it showing as a few hours ago? strange!

teresa in lake stevens

Tancho said...

The blog has been acting a little wacko the last week or so for some reason.....
Maybe they need to change the batteries at the servers.