Friday, December 17, 2010

No Soup for YOU! And for you, No presents!

I keep reading stories in the US media of lawsuits. Seems the ACLU is suing schools and cities because they have Christmas decorations and or references to Christmas.

Seems that it is offending someone or perhaps there is a source of easy money , for an easy extortion shakedown.

Sure seems like a lot of shakedowns nowadays....

So you got to change it to Holiday Season.

Huh? Have a Merry Holiday.......

Nope, sorry, ain't gonna happen for me, it's still Christmas. If you don't like the sound of that maybe we can change the government to eliminate Christmas Day and take the holiday away from millions of govmint workers. Aint gonna happen either.

This would really be funny if it wasn't so sad. The concept of gazillions of children not experiencing Christmas. The day was a celebration of a point in History, religious etc.

Next thing they will want to do is kill Santa..... Oh,. Sorry I forgot, they want to do that too.

Why has the world gotten so wacky?

Why cannot the Christians celebrate Christmas, let the Jews celebrate Hanukkah, but instead everyone wants to push their own agenda on everyone else. Make everything politically correct...Oooh Pleeeze........

Eliminating Christmas would never happen down in Mexico. Mexico needs to invite the ACLU down here and give that a try. Mexicans would never stand for this, pueblo by pueblo, state by state....not going to happen.....

Maybe as more Mexicans occupy the states, some sanity of un-political correctness will prevail.

One can hope?

Off to last minute Christmas Shopping......


Jerry L said...

They want everyone in to enjoy diversity, as long as it's their diversity.
This country was built on certain religious and moral principals which are being rapidly eroded, so that it will not offend a minuscule percentage of people, at the expense of the majority.

Anonymous said...

Hola Tancho,
I feel a rant coming on.
Why has the world gone bonkers?
At the risk of sounding like Charles Dickens, perhaps because the great god Profit, along with his minions, Cash and Credit, have replaced some of those other deities we used to revere.
You know some of them;
Charity, Tolerance, Compassion.
As to kids missing out on christmas? Long before pope Julius I snatched Dec 25th for his folks in 341 CE, people celebrated Yule, Saturnalia et al, with feasting, visiting friends, decorating the home and giving gifts.
Maybe if more kids got to know those Old Gods at the holidays, there'd be fewer lawyers.

Or maybe we should go out, and like Cortez, civilize all those heathens who don't believe like the rest?
I'd like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!

Anonymous said...

Hello JerryL
I understand your concern about the Tyranny of the Minority. A small group is very vocal and seeks to ensure its rights at the expense of others.
That's the problem, at the expense of others.
You should be concerned.
As America becomes more culturally and religiously diverse, society must change to include those newcomers, or it ceases being a democracy.
America was never intended to be a theocracy.
The other side of the coin is that the majority must Tolerate the minority and not infringe on their rights.
Tricky business this democracy stuff.
Since I don't know your preference I'll send you generic
Holiday Greetings.

Tancho said...

Leave it up to you Anthony to give us some hard facts with which we can all ponder, preferably while we sip our tea or toddies....
I see a lot less traits which I think stem from a lack of education in the home, basic compassion, politeness and consideration for the fellow man is waning...
But that is my twisted perception!
Have a Merry Christmas Holiday, and a prosperous New Year....a little closer for your exit..

Chrissy y Keith said...

I have yet to meet a Jew that is offended by Christmas or a Christian that is offended by Hanukkah.

Tancho said...

Merry Christmas Chrissy and Kieth. You are right, I have never met or even heard of a Jew not respecting anything Christian. Most religious people respect the rights and beliefs of others. To me it seems that it is non beliver or people who only want to push their own agenda that make a big deal about it, wanting to protect everyone else.
They also seem the ones that believe in the freedom of speech, as long as it is theirs and theirs alone.
I have always been surprised that when I have gotten in to heated arguments with people it has been that they do not understand what having an open mind is.... that's pretty funny!

Felipe said...

The ACLU seems to have backed off a bit with this anti-Christmas nonsense. It was worse a couple years back. I imagine outraged public opinion tossed some cold water on their enthusiasm.

The ACLU used to be a great organization, way back. I was a card-carrying, dues-paying member. Their focus was enforcing the Constitution, period.

Now, they've jumped on the PC bandwagon, big-time. I wouldn't toss one of them a canteen if he/she were parched on the desert sands.

By the way, multicultural nation is an oxymoron.

HD, Sunny Florida said...

I am Jewish and I love this season. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I respect it and enjoy its sights and sounds. I enjoy the music in the malls. I enjoy the lavishly lit displays and colorfully decorated homes. Our family has always had the deepest respect for others with beliefs.
I am saddened of the hateful rhetoric of humans not having the slightest of compassion and understanding of others. Especially now in a world of uncertainty and stress. You would think that common sense and love for their fellow man would be on the high priorities instead of trying to silence and remove traditions of people. Merry Christmas to you and your family, yes Christmas not Happy humbug.

Brenda said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.