Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Living in a forest

One of the questions that I get asked is the location of our property.
How's the beach?
Which beach?
We visit the beach, we don't live there. Mexico is not all beaches and deserts, sorry.

Just like the US is not all swampland and fields of flowing wheat.

There are beaches and mountains, after all the Sierra Madre Mountain Chain that transverses Mexico and winds up in Southern California and Arizona actually start in and around the southern portion of Mexico.

If you are looking for diverse land that includes almost all types and varied places to settle there is almost everything like that down here.

There are great beaches, some of which are also beautiful pristine beaches that you can't swim at.

When we were looking for property back in the early 80's we almost settled for some beachfront land in a place called Lazaro Cardenas.

There were beautiful beaches, great lagoons wtih alligators, tons of sea food stands selling shrimp and fish, rivers flowing into the sea that you would drive through, absolutely gorgeous.
But you couldn't swim there.
Not that I would get up each morning and go swim 5 miles in the surf, at the time it was way too warm and humid....but it was very tempting.
This was also before the superhighway was completed to the coast.
When land was very cheap. Now it is almost unaffordable. At least for us and anyone I know.

So, we opted for the mountains where the days are great and the evenings are crisp and cool.

Makes us have to use firewood to heat the house. Unfortuantly we do not use all of our trees since they tend to plug up the chimneys. We do use the sapwood always to start the fires.

In Mexico you can find snow covered peaks where people snow ski and you can find endless miles of dry desert. You can find lush jungles with flora and fauna that would take you years to address. You can find villages that have 10 people living in them and you can find one of the worlds largest populated cities.

And most of the time life is good. There are ups and downs just like NOB.
So don't hesitate to come to the beaches, but consider the beautiful towns and villages, cities in the middle of the country too.

And yes, there is crime down here, just like in other places in the world.


JerryL said...

Interesting looking beach. Looks like the perfect place not to be bothered with passing vendors. Not that there is anything wrong with forests.

Tancho said...

That beach is actually at Playa Azul which is north of Lazaro Cardenas about 140 miles due west of our house. That is where we almost bought a small beach front home that was at the edge of a lagoon with all kind of animals including ones that eat you.
The photos are not great, I had to copy them from a print, that was before digital...
The closest area similar is Zihuatanejo which is still a small town relatively quiet, unlike it's more popular tourist destination of Ixtapa which like Cancun was developed especially for visitors.

HD said...

How much was the land on the beach if you don't mind my asking?
HD Fla.

Tancho said...

If I remember correctly it was about 40K in dollars for 6 hectares. Based on what inland property was going for, it was expensive. But in retrospect it probably would have been a decent investment .......

Felipe said...

it probably would have been a decent investment.

A decent investment? Jeez, it was a steal.