Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Veritable Money Generator

I was sitting in the truck waiting for my wife the other day, I snapped a few pictures of the roof line in town.

I was looking for opportunities.

I figured out a way out of the financial crisis that Mexico is having.

A simple solution, very simple.

Simple minds, simple solutions.
A Tile Tax.

For each time made from the bounty of the earth, simply collect a peso.

Put a ceiling on it. From the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the coffer.

Look at the lost revenue.

Make it an annual tax perhaps.

1000 tiles, 1000 pesos a year tax.

Some homes would get off cheap, especially if you use metal or oil impregnated paper sheets.
The big houses with millions of tiles would pay through the nose.

After all, the big houses can afford more.
Look at all the jobs it would create.

Field Tile Counter
Tile Auditor
Tile Clerk
Ministry of Tile Revenue
Tile Collector
Tile Inspector
Tile Standard and Materials Panel (you have to be sure no toxic chemicals are used)

It would also spawn a new industry which would include, Tile awareness month, Tile Diversity Celebrations, Tile Resources and Sustainability Groups, Tile Color and Thickness Certification and Standards.......I can go on.......

If it worked then the US could copy it and solve their dilemma.

They could be put in charge, me a Tile Czar..... I like it.

Just a thought from a simple mind.......


Jerry L said...

You obviously have too much time on your hands.

Calypso said...

I'm not sure your wife should leave you alone a lot.

Let see in Puerto where there are MANY palapa roofs, perhaps they could have a vine count tax - that would have to be about a centavo per vine leaf, as there are many ;-)

Anonymous said...

heck, you've got a great imagination. we're taxed for candy, why not tile, then again!!!!

have a great weekend tancho!

teresa in lake stevens

p.s. if you run for tile czar, i will vote for you ;-)

Tancho said...

Jerry, all I have is time which is becoming more valuable as the grey hair becomes more pronounced.... wife leave me alone too much is actually the problem...
We thought of purchasing a little condo which we could rent out on the beach, it would have made sense years ago, but now, I want to simplify my life not complicate it. My hat is off to you for having multiple locations.....
Teresa, a candy tax? You have to be kidding, but then again when you print up money 24 hrs a day, you need all the pennies you can muster. I will never run for any office, I believe in karma too much. Besides, you gotta be well connected to be appointed, and all my connections have died....

Felipe said...

This is pure Gringo thinking, and we don't want to hear it down here.

Steve Cotton said...

How about a blog tax? I would be poor before sunset.

Tancho said...

Ok, Felipe, you will no longer hear any Progressive Thinking from me...

Steve...don't worry won't happen, especially since we know you were trained to be verbose.