Saturday, March 05, 2011

Drab Earth Tones

The last time I was put in charge of buying anything for the formal dinner table was a long time ago.

In fact it was a real long time ago, so long that I cannot remember.

What I do remember was that everything was "Earth Tones"
Earth Tones is another word for drab colors especially when you consider the normal color scheme of stuff in Mexico.

Lime Green walls for businesses wanting a free paint job as long as you put Castrol on the wall.

If Lime Green isn't your color then how about bright yellow?

All you need there is Bardahl painted all over your building....

We are having some friends over for dinner this weekend and along with some great flowers, that don't have Earth Tones, I figured we'll get some new place mats , napkins, you know the stuff you put on the table only when company comes.

There are several shops around the plazas that cater to the home accessory junkie. Walking in to one the other day I could not believe the variety of colors that someone would use to put on their table.
Well they did have green and orange, is that close enough to earth tones? Not in Mexico.
I went ahead an got plain old orange, which will match the porcelain orange pumpkin we bought years ago in one of the tiangis somewhere, I think it was Tzintzuntzan if my memory serves me right.
That is what I like , the absence of any restraint of color. Why not? You only go around once.....I hope.

I cannot believe that they didn't have any Earth Tones, olive, brown, tan, dark green and don't forget beige.


Don Cuevas said...

What?! No "Avocado"?

Don Cuevas

Tancho said...

I didn't even think about that one, I'm still trying to forget Dark Coppertone, Avocado and Harvest Gold appliances from the 60's.....
Maybe Mauve with some accent color?

JerryL said...

Man, that's too much color overload!

Calypso said...

reminds me of my parents furniture and accessories of the fifties. Remember the blond furniture and the chartreuse green colors? Burnt orange works ALWAYS in Mexico.

Felipe said...

When it comes to clothing and women, I prefer earth tones.