Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why oh Why?

I went to our local mega mart store yesterday to buy some chicken for dinner.
Low and behold there were chickens in the refrigerator case that looked weird because they were devoid of any color that I am use to ...
They were white.
They were Gringo Chickens.
Yep, for some reason Soriana imports chicken from the states, that has none of the yellow color that I am use to in my chicken. Here is the recipe if you are interested
I forget the brand now, but it is one of the mega farm processors that dominate the industry NOB.
Why on earth would they do that?
Are some of their customers asking for this product or is it cheaper, inquiring minds what to know.

I will keep buying the local birds, which I usually do, at the mercado early in the morning.

White birds, what's next? Next they will be putting eggs in the refrigerators.........


Felipe said...

Haven't noticed the white birds, but we get our chickens in the mercado too. I do enjoy, however, seeing the folks who sell them out of little, unrefrigerated glass boxes sitting in the sunshine. I don't buy those chickens.

Calypso said...

God forbid we turn back the clock and refrigerate eggs!

Yellow chickens rule around here - however we vegetarians eat the occasional egg, but never the layer.

One does worry about life here copying there - ugh.

Don Cuevas said...

The most undesirable chickens we saw for sale were hanging in the afternoon heat near the mercado of Zihuatanejo. They looked like a bad idea from A to Z.

Don Cuevas

JerryL said...

Our chickens have always been pasty white and flavorless.
The birds in Mexico have some taste to them and seem to be more juicy, but that's probably the tequila at dinner time talking.

Anonymous said...

Bo Pilgrim, one-time competitor of Tyson and poultry producer NOB and Mexico advertised: "I just won't sell a fat yaller chicken". It's been said that Mexican producers feed thier birds zempazuchitl to give them a golden color. We like lean, pink chickens, probably what you expats call "white". This debate about chicken color has been around as long as the one regarding refrigerating eggs; a loooooong time.

The great chicken debate however is where can you get the best. There's an urban legend that TACA lost it's ONEworld association because people were shipping Popeye's from New Orleans to Latin America and Pollo Campero to New Orleans...it stank-up the plane.

Brenda said...

I have seen the "white" chickens here also packaged in the pretty packages with the brand name Ty__n on them. Never have bought them though, chicken up there tastes like cardboard.
I will continue buying my yellow, yummy tasting chickens.

Tancho said...

I will have to state that I can tell the difference between Mexican birds and the Tyson or Foster Farms or any of the gazillion produced NOB. The only birds that have half way decent flavor are free range organic chickens that very small farmers raise. Those are very expensive. In my mind I would rather pay and eat less often of the more expensive food stuffs than put who knows what from megaranches that use antibiotics and hormones etc.
We raise our own chickens and do eat them, although they are not as tender as the store bought local birds.
Yeller birds, now that's funny!
I'm for as much local food as one can reasonably muster!

Refried Dreamer said...

I noticed that too! The birds are imported, as well as quite a bit of fruit and veggies. If not, they are sent from down here to the States with just as much hormones and chemicals and whatnot. I've started buying my meat/chicken at a carneceria that has it's OWN chickens and cows and does not use corn/steriods etc. and the produce comes from the mercados...although I will agree it's an early rise!

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up my grandparents always had lots of chickens, we had great eggs, the soup was great, now it is loaded with hormones and chemicals not fit for human consumption
HD Fla.

Anonymous said...

Chickens in Mexico are often yellow in color because they're doused in water with coloring to make them look that way.