Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our microclimate

I have been getting some flack about the rainy season.

We are located on a mountainside several kilometers outside Patzcuaro, overlooking the lake and surrounding mountains.
I shot this video on Thursday, simply because there might be some people out there than need to see how our weekly down pour looks, maybe to cool you off.
Sort of the yule log, that you see on your tv for 24 hours burning each Christmas......

The rain started about 3 weeks ago, and has arrived once each week. Next month it will be almost a daily situation.
Funny thing was that immediately after the rain, I drove down to Patzcuaro and about 2 km down the road, the road was as dry as could be.
Either I live under a dark cloud or there is something to the clouds coming in and stopping on the mountain.
If you would like to see a minute or two of the rain, a little hail and thunder click here.
Otherwise here is the cloud that arrived about 15 minutes before the rain.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you live under a dark cloud. Quite the contrary.

-- Felipe

Calypso said...

We had a good dose of hail on Thursday over here east of you in Xico, Veracruz.

A heavy rain for about 30 minutes accompanied the hail. Apparently you sent it this way.

The weather has been VERY pleasant here I should add.

norm said...

I live on the lee side of a hill, downwind from the direction the wind comes from most days. I get a ton of snow from being on the back side of the hill. On many snow days, I'll have 2-3 times the amount the people get, just a few miles away on the other side of the hill. I recorded over 170 inches of snow this past winter, just two miles to the south, the county airport had 90. No hills over there.

Steve Cotton said...

Maybe you are auditioning to be the next Joe Btfsplk.

Don Cuevas said...

Tancho, send some rain over here to the Rancho. We seldom get as much as you.

Lately, it starts to blow a hard gusty wind every afternoon, but the rain rarely materializes. In the 3 weeks, we probably have had two halfway decent rains and a few sprinkles.

But then, this is unusually early for this precipitation. At least it might make May less hot dry and dusty.

Don Cuevas

Tancho said...

Felipe, luckily the cloud always passes!

Calypso....hail, rain, on the coast, that would be something I want to experience one day, probably in the high 80's?

Norm, 170 inches of snow? Good grief man, you need to come down to Mexico, there has never been that much even on our highest peaks, I don't think.

Steve, you made me look up Joe Btfsplk, I was never a Abner fan, but the sketch of Joe does have some resemblance...

Sr Cuevas, lots of friends from the low lands are wishing for more rain too, seems the dust is making their lives rather grimy...It will come, some say late, because what we are having now are the rains that were suppose to be here in February that didn't materialize...

norm said...

I will take snow over mud anytime. I like to sledride so 170 inches of snow keeps me walking up the hill. Good exercise for an old dirt farmer.