Friday, April 01, 2011

The weather is a changin

Yesterday and the day before the skies above the lake were filled with billowy clouds. We haven't seen dark clouds in awhile, so it appears that Spring is sprung, the land is ready for some rain, which will start in a month or so.

Not having checked my almanac, don't even know if there is one for Mexico, but I started getting warm for these parts.

We went to Morelia yesterday and it was in the low 90's. Returning to Patzcuaro around 4 was indicating 77 degrees on the outside weather gauge.

It will continue being in the mid 80's to low 90's around the area for awhile, and as long as you are not in the direct sun it is pleasant, with little or no humidity in these here parts.

We were thinking of running over to the beach, but I think we have missed our window of good temperature, since a friend came back from Zihuatanejo and said that it was warm to hot during the days and they had to run the AC in the evening for several hours to cool down.
AC, a cool Michelada, ( A Michelada is a drink that is made with your favorite beer, Clamato or Tomato juice, served in a salt rimmed glass with ice in it ) the beach then Semana Santa or Holy Week will arrive, so all the beaches and resorts will fill up with locals from Mexico City and around the country.

Not a good time to be looking for a quiet getaway anywhere in the land.

There are many things to do, for one we need to replace our gutters for the oncoming rainy season. The roof overhaul is almost finished so the big project for the year is almost history. We will be able to spend more time reading and running around, unless we need to get involved in another maintenance project around the property......


JerryL said...

Now that is a beautiful puffy cloud.

Leah Flinn said...

There is snow on the ground here in Ohio, highs in the upper 30s. I have a fire going. Sitting here with a cup of hot tea. And I'm not complaining. :)

Calypso said...

Not too hot at our beaches on the Oaxacan Coast amigo - come on down!

Tancho said...

Yes Jerry, the clouds down here are awesome..
Leah, snow on the ground, now would be nice when it gets way too hot, which it really never does at 8000ft elevation...
Calypso, You keep tempting me! I am going to find a map and figure out how long the drive would be......We just may show up! Then you'll be sorry!

Steve Cotton said...

It feels as if someone flipped the summrer switch this week. But it is pleasant up this way. As for air conditioning, never heard of it.

Don Cuevas said...

We were also in Morelia Thursday and as we left our Comida China restaurant, there were little drops of rain falling. Still, it was refreshing to drive up the hill on the way home. It's amazing what a difference in temperature a few hundred feet make.

I must do a post on micheladas sometime.

Don Cuevas

Anonymous said...

I dispute your contention that it will start raining in a month or so. It will start in two months or so. Like almost always. Betcha.

It's hot at the beach? Had to use AC, did they? Well, that's a real shock. Hot at the beach.

I find April to be delightful at the beach, surely better than June, July, etc. We'll be going to Zihua in a few weeks more. And we expect to use AC at night. It's the beach, after all. Plus April is the low season, and you don't have to pay out the kazoo.

Replacing your gutters? What went wrong with the gutters that they need replacing? We got our very first gutters installed just a couple of months ago. I'm looking forward to rain so I can see how they work.

If you'd install Disqus, you wouldn't need to moderate comments. Just a thought.

-- Felipe

Tancho said...

Steve...never heard of AC, eh? Ok, I will be paying special attention to your seaside sayings in a few more months....Must be on hell of a ceiling fan in your room..
SrCuevas, I was surprised to see that rain cloud coming late afternoon in Morelia also. The drops were too few to turn on the wipers, at least!

Tancho said...

Felipe, When we were in Ziha in February we had great weather, didn't even turn on the AC once in our rented apartment. Indeed April is a great time to visit there, prices are lower and less people.
Our gutters on the North side of the house have rusted out. The other side where no leaves had collected are still ok, but since the gutters were installed 13 years ago, they will now start to require replacement, one side at a time I venture to guess. Too bad we couldn't have installed copper ones, they would have lasted forever....until someone would remove them during the middle of the night.....
So we are doomed with plain old metal ones, we looked at some plastic ones but they looked way too awful.
Disgus, not until I become bored with comment moderation. Not possessing the talent for writing, we only receive a handful of responses, besides it gives me a feeling if being needed for something.

Anonymous said...

hola Tancho
do ypu collect your rainwater with those gutters that need replacing?
just curious

Tancho said...

AC...currently we only collect the rain from one set of gutters which is located on the south-side of the house. I am considering adding additional storage to my rainwater storage but cannot make up my mind if to build an additional cistern or possible make a small pond with a plastic liner. Both have advantages and disadvantages. They will cost about the same. The downside of the pond is that it will attract additional animals which is ok, but provide a haven for mosquitoes which we are free from currently.
The only reason we would like to utilize the water is that we are growing more stuff here, and it seems such a waste not to harness that water which just runs off.
During the season we do have a LOT of run off from the roof. A Lot!