Monday, May 30, 2011

As sad thought

Today is memorial day in the states and as usual the priority of the day will be to go to the shopping malls, out to the beaches, any place but where people would go when I was growing up 50 years ago.
We went to the cemetery and placed a few small flags on several grave markers. The place was the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, California.

I remember a service for a relative there in the early 50's. Now you cannot be buried there because they have run out of plots.


The then graveside service was at one end of the field at that time already, there were lots of new graves which were from casualties of the Korean War.

For some reason it has become less important now to stop what we do and have respect for those who have given their lives for the freedoms and rights of people in the US.

Now it's more important to grab the stuff that's on sale at the local shopping mall.

I kind of enjoyed not having stuff open on was a time we all stayed at home with the family or after church went out together.

That doesn't seem to happen much now.

Just like lots of things, priorities have changed.

Today, we will at least take some time to remember our family members who have died.

Recently by uncle, who served in Korea died and I was saddened that I was not able to see him recently because of the distances and circumstances.

But I will remember him as well as many others who have passed away before him. Some in the line of duty and some who served their country so honorably.

May they be remembered for a long time.


Steve Cotton said...

Well put.

If I was in Oregon today, I would be accompanying my mother on her trek to several cemeteries for Decoration Day -- as I was raised to call it.

Tancho said...

Yes Steve we did call it Decoration Day, our age stands out....