Monday, May 23, 2011

Where is Ziracuarétiro you ask?

We usually only go out to eat twice a week or so. But lately I have noticed that we try to do it more often.
Maybe because I am selfish, tired, don't want to clean up after myself, even though it is La Senoras job to do that, (I do all the cooking, she does all the clean up) or perhaps I am getting bored with cooking right now.

It goes in spurts, some time I love doing it, some times I loath it.

I have also noticed that it is almost always cheaper for us to eat out, than for me to buy the ingredients to make a meal.
I also have another problem. It is difficult for me to prepare anything just for two people. So we wind up with leftovers, that if not eaten or converted into another meal, get lost in the ice box until it is too old to eat and gets tossed.

Kind of a waste and expensive.

So that is why it seems we have been going out more often......or that is my story and I am sticking to it.
So last week we decided to ( sort of we ) go and look at some guitars.
But we needed Breakfast, so we stopped at a cute place in Ziracuarétiro called El Gorjeo de Las Aves En Las Mañanas de Abril.

Nothing simple like Joe's Cafe, not on your life, when in Ziracuarétiro you go all out. The place is located by the side of a beautiful little creek flowing with small waterfalls and perfect soothing sounds. In my opinion this place by far is one of the most beautiful spots to spend some quality time having a nice meal, conversation and enjoying the surroundings. The same family owns another restaurant a few blocks away, so since this place only does breakfasts the waitstaff walks over to the other place for midday meals and service.

Each time we have been here, we are graciously greeted by one of the owners, who also seems to enjoys joining her patrons in having a cup of coffee at their table. Lots of hugs and kisses are displayed as customers come and go.

If you come to Ziracuarétiro, look for the church dome and go west a few blocks and you should have no problem in finding it. It is located next to a balneario, includes a spacious parking lot and gorgeous landscaping.

The facilities will hold a couple of hundred people in several outside areas. The restaurant area where we have been seated several times is smaller, only holding maybe 50 side is the kitchen the other side has a nice fountain that is on the side of the small hill.

When seated you are presented with a menu and soothing music provided by multiple songbirds both in cages and flying about the area.

I have shied away from doing restaurant reviews because last time I did that in Patzcuaro, one of the owners got pretty mad, to the point of me having concern for my personal safety, so since this place is removed about 20 miles, so hopefully I will not see any "hit men" knocking on my door....
The second we sat down we were greeted with a nice cafe Americano along with their fresh basket of sweet breads. All the items are made on site and quite good. Good to the point that La Senora asked for a bag in which to take the remaining bread home to enjoy with her afternoon coffee.
After all they do charge 35 pesos for the assortment, so she felt that she could ask for it to enjoy later.....
I ordered the same thing I did my last visit, but at my advanced age I failed to recall that until the familiar plate was placed in-front of my nose. Huevos Pavorreal, a simple yet satisfying dish.

Pretty much anything arriving hot and looking good will satisfy my breakfast craving.

Huevos Pavorreal are two poached eggs presented on top of some refried beans, on top of corn tortillas, topped with either green and red salsa, as your choose. Slices of yellow and red bell peppers or perched on the top of the eggs to make them look like rooster combs.

My wife ordered the Chilaquieles con Pollo, which looked tasty and after wrestling for a little bite, confirmed the simplicity of an old standard will always be good especially when using fresh products, like hand made tortillas made less than 30 ft way from your dining area.

Both are dishes were washed down with fresh juices, I had the orange, my wife had the Napolito infused health drink.
Compared to Patzcuaro joints this place is a little more expensive but considering the well manicured landscaping and relaxing in the jungle like atmosphere , and the whole experience , it is worth it. I can just imagine the labor entailed to keeping this place from overgrowing with vegetation. This is the kind of place that I would love to live at, but would be totally stressed out at the constant upkeep.

After this breakfast we continued to our destination of Paracho.......more to follow along with my take on another Ziracuarétiro restaurant called Los Arcos, which we used for our main meal that day.


Calypso said...

We have to have tough hides to survive in the Blogging world. I labeled our neighbor's kids as rambunctious and suffered much wrath for the doing - ugh!

Keep on keeping on amigo - we can always chip in for a body guard.

Brenda said...

Lovely looking place.

Don Cuevas said...

Beautiful place, gracious hosts, good food.
How did you find out about it?
Open everyday, 9-1.
They also do special event hosting. Did you notice the barbacoa pit? Looks like a well.

Don Cuevas

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. This family owns two separate restaurants. One opens for breakfast. The other opens for lunch. That's nuts. Looks like a nice breakfast place, however.

-- Felipe

Tancho said...

Calypso, I have figured out a solution to my problem, I purchased a new disguise kit which I wear almost all the time now when we go to restaurants....It is a pair of dark rimmed glasses to which is already attached a large bulbous nose and hair bushy mustache. This ways no one will know who I am.

Brenda, my photos do not do justice to this place. I have some more, perhaps I will post them.. The place is difficult to describe. For an adult, is it something between Disneyland and having been given a 2-hour free shopping spree at the best nursery you kind find...

Tancho said...

Sr.Cuevas, One of the resident local restaurant gourmands told me about it, and even wrote about it in his website..He has a site called "My Mexican Kitchen" perhaps you have heard about it? It is one of the well respected information sources for local food related information.

Yes it is only open from 9 to 1, that is why it is so difficult to experience the place, the window of opportunity is only 4 hours, so you have to plan the day ahead to get ready, leave, travel and have enough time to enjoy the place!
Yes Felipe, it is nuts, we tried for a long time to have our day work out so we would "fit" their schedule of being open...
I suspect that this place is the family residence that they open up for breakfast for, the other is a very large restaurant about 6 blocks away, both are spectacular properties in their own rights.

JerryL said...

Those eggs look delicious!
The place has to be their home otherwise it would be to costly to only have open 4 hours a day.

Don Cuevas said...

Jerry, yes, their home is on the spacious grounds of El Gorjeo. The other restaurant, La Mesa de Blanca, about 8 blocks away, is much larger, yet still lovely. (Although not as Eden like as El Gorjeo.)

Breakfasting at El Gorjeo is like eating at the country estate of an affluent and gracious friend. However, the menu at La Mesa de Blanca is much more extensive and interesting. Did Tancho mention that La Mesa is only open from 1 to 6 p.m., Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Both restaurants have given us the best, most personalized service we've experienced in Michoacán. What's more remarkable is that at neither are any musicians playing, strolling or stationary.

Don Cuevas