Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your are lucky living in me

I read the local newspapers in California just to see how screwed up the state can get. Effective July 1, of this year, all homeowners in California with attached garages are required to have carbon monoxide alarms installed in their houses – or face a $200 fine.

What if you don't want one?

What if you can't hear?

What if you don't own a car, have any gas burning appliances, a furnace ?


It's not that they are expensive, they are less than 50 dollars and I think that they are a good idea, like having a fire extinguisher around the house when you have possibilities that something may catch fire.
The main problem is that there are tons of homes with fire detectors and by last survey close to 50 % of them have been disconnected or no longer working because of the choice of the homeowner.

BUT, having a law that makes you have one, is in my Libertarian view, couple of miles way too far into the govmint sticking their nose into your life.

But that's just my opinion.....

And you wonder why I love Mexico?

I enjoy hearing when friends discuss excited news when they are building a new house NOB.
I then ask them how much it cost for their permits.
I then tell them that for what they paid for their permits and fees, one can build a home in Mexico.

Just another observation.


Rick said...

Dont think this law will ever be enforced but new construction or remodels will definitely require the install.
So you ask why would they do this? Well maybe you didn't but I think I know why.
There is a new app for smartphones to remotely start your car's engine. Somewhat stupid gizmo to sell you an iPhone etc. Well, people have been killed by this handy app when they accidentally start their car's engine while the car is parked in their garage for the night and it asphyxiates everybody in the adjacent rooms. There have been some very nice affluent corpses found in their bedrooms above the garages in POSH suburbia.

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Kill the lawyers.

Such a sense of freedom, living in MX.

That kind of stuff makes me nutzzzz.
Maybe there are carbon monoxide monitor lobbyists. . .

Jerry L said...

Another example of the nanny state. First it was not being able to ride in the back of Pick Up trucks, then everyone had to have bicycle helmets, then CO2 detectors. My gripe is that 200 bucks for a detector for a house without a car for people living on SSI can be a choice between food or compliance. It also opens the possibility to unscrupulous salesman selling Mom and Pop alarm systems etc.

Steve Cotton said...

This is what Americans get for electing the grade school black monitors to public office.

Tancho said...

Rick, so if you buy an app that starts your car, it will save your life. OK, what's next? I think it's no different than having the fire department tell you you can't store stuff higher than 10 ft high in your warehouse. (actual experience) Is there no individual responsibility left in the US? Here if you walk down the street and fall into a pothole, break your leg, you are stupid. In the US, you become rich.....

Layers, funny story from the old west. Town had one lawyer, he was starving for business. Another one moved into town, both were instantly wealthy....
Jerry, I hear a lot of hardship cases where people simply can't afford stuff like that, not everyone lives in a new luxury house with no house

Steve...Americans have no idea who they elect. The last few presidents and governors support my statement......

Calypso said...

Swimming in red tape NOB - ugh!

Don Cuevas said...

Steve's comment didn't sit well with me. Maybe I misunderstood. I hope so.

Tancho, did you get this topic idea from the carbon monoxide warning sign photo from a large parking garage in San Jose, CA?

Don Cuevas

Tancho said...

Sr Cuevas, no sorry, I got it from reading my old hometown newspaper telling me all the laws the legislators forced on it's pions the first of July.
Not sure about what Steve meant either?
I think that there are just way too many laws inacted instead of self responisbilty, and ethinc taught by parents.
Go to my This and That blog to see what ridiculous things are costing taxpayers millions of dollars because people can't take responsibilities in their own hands.

Anonymous said...

And they say as California goes, so goes the nation. It seems to be so, especially the bankrupt part.

There are major advantages to living down in Mexico.

Regarding Steve's comment, I think there's a typo there.