Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's that time of year again

Dropping of my wife this afternoon for her hair appointment, I noticed the workers setting up again for the big event of the year.

The big tents and awnings where sitting on the ground, ready to be hoisted by Mexican-man power.

No power equipment or mechanical assisted winches or pulleys allowed. Once the have the canvas stretched onto the metal frame they call the crew over and about 10 of these guys simply lift it while another bunch stick the side poles up and into the frames..
That's how it's done........period.

Our little Patzcuaro is the town where hoards of people dissent, unabashed to bring needed pesos into little Patzcuaro.

Bringing tourist dollars and filling up all the local hotels and B&B's.

Perfect time to stock up on stuff and hide out for a week or so. Stay away from the crowds, I say.

I noticed a few days ago the sugar vendors had set up shop under the arches on several of the buildings on the Big Plaza.

Can't have too much sugar for all the kiddies and adults you know.

Nothing like chomping down on a sugar skull and crossbones for a motivational sugar high. eat the sugar today, get the diabetes going sooner.
Wash it down with Coca Cola, Mexico is one of the few places that still uses real sugar, none of that corn syrup stuff.

Maybe I will snap a photo or two of the sugar junkies before the town fills up.
Maybe not......


Felipe Zapata said...

First time I've seen them put the roof tarps on the frames before raising them.

Let's hope lots of visitors show up this year. Money is good.

jerryL said...

I see that Patzcuaro has ADA accessibility ramps now.

Calypso said...

Day of the Dead is of course a MAJOR holiday all over Mexico - but it seems like in Xico there is some celebration of another going on pretty much non-stop.

Here in Puerto it is a little more peaceful - but being a Mexican holiday spot - Day of the Dead will be big time fiestas!

Tancho said...

Felipe, I was thinking about the same thing, who know, maybe they have a new more efficiency think? Nope...

Jerry, One great thing about Mexico is that there is no ADA police. There have been many advances in the accessibility, but if I was to send you a photo of the other side of that walkway about 50 ft away, the wheelchair ramp is about 6 ft long and has a drop of about 18 inches...I guess you could call it a speed ramp.
Calypso, DOD seems to be hot and cold in various parts of the country. Some places are pretty placid while others are hoot and hollering parties. I sense that you have arrived?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see some pictures.
buena suerte!