Monday, November 07, 2011

One of my favorite times of day

I have two times of day that I enjoy more than any other times.

The first is early in the morning when all is quiet, except for the rooster now and then, the sunlight trying to peek in between our tall pine trees as the sun comes up from the east.

The other time is the late afternoon, when the sun is illuminating the south side of house.

The south side is the side where our entrance is.
It is all so the side where the road winds it's way up from the highway, allowing cars and trucks to bounce and creak as they traverse the cobblestones which we had embedded into the dirt 15 years ago.

It seems that maybe in a year or two we will need to have someone reset the stones, each year it is become less and less "smooth" as we had when they first got inserted one by one into the fertile soil we have.

The other reason I love the afternoon sun is that we can sit under the tile overhang, enjoy the setting sun and bask in the remaining warmth the rays have to offer. But the real reason is the view I get as the rays break through the tall pine needles casting an welcoming hand inviting someone to drive up to our home.

The photo doesn't do justice to the scene.


jerryL said...

Almost looks like a country road, inviting and tree coverd.

Anonymous said...

Best time of year here. Nice photos, sir.

Tancho said...

Jerry, you would enjoy the highway below our house because it is covered about 50 % with a canopy of luscious trees with sunlight peeking through the branches.

Felipe, it is a grand time! I went into town today and notice that the leaves have started falling in mass...absolutely beautiful!

Steve Cotton said...

I feel the pull of the mountains.

Hey, I think I will use that as the first line of an essay. Now, I just need the essay.

Tancho said...

Steve, You are a beach man through and through! Anyone who indures hot,hot,humid weather for the love of the sea,is unchangeable.
I await your essay, they are always inspiring and sound.

Marc Olson said...

It looks like a nice spot. I've always had a soft spot for the hills and pines of Michoacan.

I keep looking around for a bit of a place in the country down here in Yucatán. I enjoy all that Mérida has to offer, but more and more feel the need for peace and quiet.

Tancho said...

Marc, Michoacan indeed is a beautiful region especially in the mountains which do have it's certain advantages. It is quiet and peaceful here but being a little isolated has it's downside also, sometimes....
It's is better than neighbors with roof dogs, loud stereos and constant horns and buses.

Calypso said...

Good times of day here in Puerto Escondido as well.