Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another day, another excuse....

We have been in contact with the Honda dealer almost weekly since the crash. Today we got the news.
No fixey.
Even with the cheaper labor rates that Mexico has, they have figured out that it will not be cost effective to fix the Honda. Would have been nice if we could have been told that about 6 weeks ago.

So now, the first question in my mind were;

  • How long is it going to be to settle this now?
  • How much are they going to compensate us for the value of the car?
  • What shady deals are going to be appearing?
  • Are we going to have to hire an attorney to fight with the insurance company?
Any way we look at it, we are going to be without the car for another 2 to 3 months. Now I don't know if I am being overly pessimistic here, but based on stories of friends about the happenings with their insurance companies, I hesitate in celebrating.

So, still on with the pool, now the goal is to get a new car without having to sell the farm. The good thing is that I have no expectations one way or the other so we will see what is at the end of the so far, dark tunnel.

( That is not our Honda)


Steve Cotton said...

Do you get the feeling you are an experimental rat -- while we all look on in this experiment?

Calypso said...

I think you are better off having the Honda totaled (you probably do too). However it all comes down to how they settle. Essentially the Honda should have been worth more than it would have been in the US. Waiting to see.

Anonymous said...

Calypso is spot on. You are better off having the Honda totaled. It is a big inconvenience. At least you have the truck. It will be all about how much and how fast.
You have the right attitude. Don't stress it. All of you walked away from this crash.
take care & keep us all posted

Jerry L said...

Well one thing you should be missing is the claim service of most US insurance companies right about now?

Felipe Zapata said...

The couple of times I have made claims to my insurance company in Mexico, they have paid up immediately.

Good thing the car was totaled. I have, as you know, the very same Honda. I would not weep if it got totaled because I do not like the freaking car. I would want it to get totaled without anyone in it, however.

Tancho said...

On one hand I was hoping that they would fix the car, but I know that with major damage if they had fixed it , it would never be the same again, so in the end it seems that it may work out, now we need to see what kind of money value they will place on the car...I kind of know that I will get the shorter end of the stick.
Felipe, you are a lucky guy, but I wonder if your service would be as fortunate if the damages were a lot greater?
We'll see how long this takes.....