Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May 1, Labor Day, Flag pole Day, perhaps

"You won't be able to get anything on Tuesday so do your shopping this weekend" was the suggestion from a couple of my Mexican Friends.

"You'll see that most people will take off the whole 4 days" was another chide pointed out to me.

Not so.....

Labor Day must be bust unless you are a govmint or big company employee. We decided to go to Santa Clara yesterday and the only thing different yesterday on Monday was that there were more cars out, more soccer games were being played in both local fields then today we ran into town for breakfast to see couple of restaurants doing a decent business and a few shuttered businesses like the bank and the Telmex office.

The plaza was looking about as busy as on a normal Sunday, so somewhere merchants and private businesses are staying open.......those money hungry capitalists!
Here I thought that it was only the big bad corporations that exploit their workers, but to see the smaller auto parts place, the chicken take out stand and the corner restaurant all making their employees work........unconscionable!

So, to reward our ranch people we decided to make an party for them on Sunday. All the vittles for a grand party.
Cheese Balls, Beer, Tortilla Chips, More Beer, Cheetos, Some more beer, Chorizo cooking on a stick, More Beer, Sides of Pork Ribs, More chips, More beer, roasted chilies on the charcoal, fresh tortillas warmed on the charcoal, more beer.

I knew we were going to host the party so I had plenty of ice, beer, a couple of bottles of tequila (just in case) limes, all the important things.  We needed some music so my wife brought down the IPOD and the outside speakers, and before we knew it there was about 25 people.
Amazing how word gets around. From first a half dozen then a dozen then even more came.
 From what I remember, the cold beer was excellent, but then I was offered a shot of Tequila.  Probably a second one, and now I know why I only party once a year or less.........
Waking up in the middle of the night, with most of my clothes still on lead me to believe that the party was ok, talking later to a few of the attendees the next day, they congratulated me for indeed a fine time for all....everyone had the normal great time in fact couple of the relatives had such a good time they almost started a friendly fight.

Thank you Alka Seltzer!


Dan in NC said...

Tancho- the Gaucho! EVERYTHING tastes better on a stick! Congrats on a successful party!
Dan in nc

Calypso said...

I bet you were the hit of the Hood. Congratulations on providing a good time.

Don Cuevas said...

In P√°tzcuaro, Banamex was open on Monday.

We were going to go to Morelia today for Costco, etc, but decided to wait until Wednesday.

Don Cuevas

Tancho said...

Dan, funny how you don't need a expensive BBQ to cook pretty much anything..they will figure out a way. My wife was impessed she asked our hand to make up a set for her to take down to Honduras...like they don't have wooden sticks down there.

Calypso, Oh I was hit of the hood, just wish I hadn't had such a good time....

SrCuevas, I was surprised that more traffic was abound on Monday than today...NEVER go to Costco on either holidays or weekends unless you love crowds. And parking in the back 40.

jerryL said...

What no hot dogs and hamburgers?

Don Cuevas said...

Tancho, we usually park in the shade of the lot under the adjacent MEGA store. It keeps our car cool.

Don Cuevas