Saturday, June 02, 2012


A couple of months ago, La Senora, was complaining about a toothache. She was visiting her family in California and was due to arrive in a few days. We were going to meet up and spend a few weeks trekking down the coasts of Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Colima, Michoacan and Guererro.

That trip got cancelled. She couldn't stand the continual pain after having some work done in California.

In short, she had visited our old family dentist, or should I say his practice. Was referred to another dentist who did a $1400 dollar root canal. After returning she started getting pain, so she returned to the original dentist and he said it was because the top was too high and ground down the filling and gave her some pain medication.

That return visit to the dentist for some pain medication and grinding off a tad , "which may or may not relieve the pressure etc,etc,etc," was an additional $140 bucks.
So to summarize, US dental visiting, $1540 bucks, pain for a week , priceless.

We rendezvoused and she is not a happy camper. She is complaining of the pain and is on pain meds, crying at times because the pain won't go away and on having to take the pain medication, since she never is big on taking all these meds kind of a gal.

We happen to arrive in Mazatlan for a few days, she was ready to kill me, kill herself and all our dogs.... in other words she is turning into a unhappy soul.

I called one of our friends in Mazatlan for recommendations for emergency dental advice.

We had an appointment the next day.

They took x-rays which appeared on a computer screen and saw that the root canal work was not done correctly.

Referred us to another dentist, who specializes in that kind of stuff, next day La Senora is walking around happy without medication or alcohol.

Cost of both dentists in Mazatlan $200 USD.

We cut our trip short and hightailed it home because the last dentist told her he gave her a temporary crown and that she would need a permanent one.

She saw our dentist in Patzcuaro, within a day or so, got fitted and returned 3 days later. New crown, fitting and finishing the original job, 1000 pesos or about 80 bucks....

And they ridicule Mexican medical treatments.........

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