Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm beat down....

I do not understand what motivates people to design viruses, trojans, malware, worms and the host of other so called malware that infects computers.

I have just spent the last few weeks redoing my computer, trying for days to find the right program to get rid of a program that is called Security Shield.

It comes on and tells you that your computer has been infected and offers a free scan.

Once you see that screen, most people will click on it and the trouble begins.

I tried to stop it by going to the task manager and ending the routine.
No luck.

After looking on several search engines what was required to do the job, I loaded on one of the programs that could remove it.

It found it, and then asked for 30 bucks to finish the job.

After scanning the computer, at least a dozen times, finally it appears that it has been removed.

Some other people that had been infected with it said that it remained dormant for a week then appeared again.
Once you have it, they tell you that for 40 dollars they will remove it. Modern day extortion to say the least.

The program scans and lists all kinds of programs that it says infect your computer but according to the other victims, the program does absolutely nothing, even if you pay. Nada
It does stop the pop ups telling you to buy the program.

I wonder how much money these guys are bringing down for this con game?
Be careful , be forewarned.

This one that I got was the 2012 version, seems they release one ever few months or so.

I first tried to restore the computer to an older backup date....that worked for about one day.

Also got a good one the other day, it was a notice from Itunes, that my Itunes account was charged $600 dollars for something. It then shows you a link to click to see the invoice.

nice try.......

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