Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey, what are you doing?

We want to come down?
Ok, sure, why not, when are you coming?
Oh how about next week?
Ah........Ok, that will be fine....
We usually get a few calls like that each year.
Most of the time those calls come in about February , when the outside temperature is in the low 20's or warming up to 30 for the high......North of the Border, or perhaps from friends that haven't seen the sun pop out in 2 or 3 months......

Sure come on down.....where do you think you would like to come?

Can we fly down right to Patzcuaro?

Sure if you have a private jet, you could fly to Morelia International which is about an hour away from us, or we can meet you on the coast, like Ixtapa and you can enjoy the beach, the sun, etc.

Or do you want to just be with us for the time , you know we are up in the mountains at 8000ft high, surrounded by lakes and pine trees....

Oh, so you have snow?

No, Not this year, so does the beach sound like what you really want?

Man that does sound nice, but what about the drug killings?

What about them? Do you want to come down for drugs or the sun?

No,No that not what I mean, I mean all the killings.......

Ok, If I guarantee you that you will have less killings during your stay than an average week of killings in Chicago will that rest your concern?

Oh, really? shit!

Ok, so where is this beach?

Look up Ixtapa, see if your burg has flights that land there, or the next option would be Mazatlan and Third would be Puerto Vallarta.

Huh, How do you spell that?

You mean you are thinking about coming down here and you don't know anything about nothing?
Yeah, I figured you would help us out.......

Sure, no problem , so let me email you a couple of links that you can look at and let me know.

Ok, do you want us to bring anything down for you?

Sure, need more bullets for the AK47 and the  Suburban needs a new windshield because the old one is full of bullet holes.......

Never mind, I'll send you a link.

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