Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's the hurry?

Wandered into Sears a few days ago at one of the shopping malls in Morelia and low and behold all the Christmas decorations were up and lit up.

But this is only the 3rd week of October, we haven't even gotten to Halloween, Thanksgiving .....

Stores are all set for the retail deluge that they keep pushing back a little at a time....

Next year it will be Labor Day when the Christmas stuff will come out.

I remember fondly growing up in the city, where in October there would be small parades in each district around the city. We lived in the Haight Ashbury district and the merchants would put on a small parade, stores would be open late, kids running around with shaving cream, seltzer bottles, lots of confetti on the streets......

When one shopping area's parade was done, we would drive over to another one, maybe on Irving street, or the Mission for a repeat, look at the costumes , get some different candy, seemed like lots of fun.

After Halloween, the merchants would set up Thanksgiving displays, you would never see anything even resemble Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

Then something happened............

Someone decided to have after Thanksgiving Day Sales.....for Christmas.

That brought Christmas decorations and advertising a week or two further away from Christmas..

Now it seems that I read about mass hordes of shoppers running over people as they unlock doors at retail big box stores, to the point of trampling security guards and often people (not that security guards aren't people).

Here in Patzcuaro, nothing is showing Christmas yet. But I'll betcha that starting on the week before Day of the Dead, something Christmasy things will surface.

Several merchants at Tzintzuntzan display red and green ribbon straw Christmas Bells all year round....I guess that qualifies for retail Christmas selling opportunities 365 days a year.

The big question is why we allow the retailers to shove this much marketing to us, and prohibit us from calmly enjoying each holiday with it's realted window of time.
Truly Sad......

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